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End of Year Party / Study Award presentation

End of Year Party / Study Award presentation

by Peter Birdsall -
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The barbecueThis year’s End of Year Party will be held on Saturday 19th June.

(Although this is not yet at the end of term, other events, and preparation students leaving for home or holiday, make it impractical to hold the event at the end of June / start July.)

Assuming good weather, the party will be focused around a barbecue (sausages, hamburgers etc, salads and bread, with drinks!)

The barbecue will start at 4pm, with food from 5:30, and the party will finish at around 10pm.

At 5pm there will be a short award ceremony, in which the Student Study Awards will be given to the successful students!

Preparation students will also be given their certificates!

Bachelor students will be presented their certificates, and marks lists, on Wednesday 21st July at 10am.