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Important Housing Information

Important Housing Information

by Peter Birdsall -
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Monday, May 31, 2004 : This message has also been sent by email.

Regulations for giving notice on housing rented from Wittenborg: July 2004

The following regulations are in place for the giving of notice on rented international student accommodation for the period from August 1 2004. All accommodation has been rented for students from a period of 1 February 2004 to 31 July August 2004. Rental is automatically renewed for a further period of 6 months. Wittenborg will enter newly arranged student contracts automatically from 1 July 2004, covering the period 1 August 2004 – 31 January 2005.

  1. In order to give the statutory 1 month notice on student accommodation (1 August) students must send an Email to housing@wittenborg.eu stating their intention to serve notice (end the rental period).
  2. Under Wittenborg’s immigration responsibilities to students and the Netherlands state department, students can only officially give notice if they produce the following documents:
    1. A valid rental contract for accommodation, valid from 1 August 2004, or before.
    2. A statement of clarification that the property owner knows the student is renting the accommodation.
    3. A copy of identification document of the property owner.
    4. OR instead of “b” and “c”, a declaration of registration from the local government office where the student is registered at the new address.

    Students who are leaving Wittenborg accommodation will be permitted to stay 2 weeks longer than the rental period, until 15th August (at the latest).

    Any housing refunds can only be given after all procedures have been satisfactorily followed. Deposit checks and tallies will be made for all students in Wittenborg accommodation in August and September 2004. Students staying in Wittenborg accommodation will have their deposit tallies carried over into the new period.

    If a student does not end the rental period before the 1st of July 2004, it will be automatically extended. These students will be given the chance to give notice after 3 months, due to new students arriving, later. This means that:

    1. Period of rental is until 31st October 2004.
    2. Deadline for notice is 1 September.
    3. Students must follow the same rules as outlined above (valid rental contract must be from 1 November or sooner.