At every university every programme is documented carefully for all its stakeholders. At Wttenborg,the programmes and processes at the university are documented in:

  • Education & Examination Guides (per programme)
  • Module Guides (per module / course)

This online area contains all Module Guides for all Programmes at Wittenborg

The Education & Examination Guides (EEG)

All WUAS programmes are governed by an individual Education and Examination Guide, known as the EEG) that describes the programme’s profile, programme outline and structure, final qualifications, module aims and objectives and the final award given.

  • The EEG also provides students with information regarding year planning, timetabling, tutoring, assignment submission requirements and the use of Turnitin, information about the online learning resources, through Moodle (and Blackboard at the University of Brighton if applicable).
  • The EEG also contains the official Graduation and Examination (Board) Regulations (developed according to national regulations), Wittenborg University’s Terms and Conditions, its Student Charter and a copy of special regulations for non-EU students.
  • The EEG describes the complaints procedure (education and non-education complaints).
  • The EEG describes provisions for students with a disability.
  • Grading is described in the EEG, which shows the Dutch and UK equivalents and an ECTS Grading table. It also shows possible comments of the final degree, and the requirements, such as ‘Credit’ or ‘Honours’. These are used in the final grade, which is described with a European Diploma Supplement (EDS), in line with European and Dutch requirements. An example EDS is included in the EEG.
  • A student's workload (both contact hours, and hours spent studying and preparing assignments) is measured in ECTS credits, whereby under Dutch law one credit represents 28 hours of work and 60 credits represents one year of full-time study.
  • An explanation of the ECTS grading scale can be found in the Education Guide as part of the Education and Examination Guide (EEG).

Contents of an EEG

  • EEG Part 1 - Introduction

  • EEG Part 2 – Programme Education Guide

  • EEG Part 3 – Programme Curriculum

  • EEG Part 4 - Practical Information Guide

  • EEG Part 5 - General Assessment Policy

  • EEG PART 5a - Academic Writing Handbook

  • EEG PART 5B - Plagiarism Policy

  • EEG Part 6 - Examination & Graduation Board Regulations

  • EEG Part 7 - Work Placement Handbook

  • EEG Part 8 - Graduation Assignment & Final Project Handbook

  • EEG Part 9 - European Diploma Supplement Example

  • EEG Part 10 - The Student Charter

  • EEG Part 11 - The Student Code of Behaviour

  • EEG Part 12 - General Terms & Conditions

  • EEG Part 12a – Tuition Fee Policy

  • EEG Part 14 - Housing Conditions & Immigration Regulations