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Nino Nemsadze


Appointment Booking via Microsoft Office

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If you wish to speak to any of the Wittenborg staff (for example, your process tutor), please invite them for an appointment using the Office Calendar.

In the attached document you will find a detailed guide.


Exam/Module Registration

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You have to make sure that you are registered for all your exams/modules in advance. The deadline for the registration for the upcoming block will be in your timetable. Your registration allows you to collect your books for the modules. No registration- no books!

-          Go to http://webform.wittenborg.eu/

-          Select Exam/Module Registration

-          Fill in your data

-          Select your phase and block carefully

-          Select all your modules. Note: if you do not select them and submit without them, then you will not be registered for your exams.

-          Press Submit

You will receive an email-notification that you are registered for your modules/exams.


In the attached document you will find a detailed description of the process.


General Year Planning Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences 2018-2019

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Results Online

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To view your results online go to http://myresults.wittenborg.eu

-          Log in with your Wittenborg Credentials (same as WB Online & timetable)

-          Click on Progress and choose Only print contributing test results

-          Click on Show on the screen to view the results on screen or click on Download file to download your results.


Note: If you are missing a grade on MyResults please use the following webform to notify the Student Registrar: http://webform.wittenborg.eu/Osiris

In the attached document you will find a detailed guide.


Turnitin Guide

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All students will be required to submit their written reports/assignments/exams through the Turnitin plagiarism software. This is considered part of the formal submission requirements.

Turnitin is used by the Wittenborg University of Applied Science to detect cases of plagiarism. The software compares the writing used within any document to other sources, for instance, websites on the Internet, journal articles, books, and other student work from other universities. Further details of the Turnitin submission process are provided during Wittenborg Introduction Week.

In the attached document you will see the detailed guide.


Useful Links

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Please find some useful links below

Study information

For study related questions please contact your Process Tutor through the online area

Process Tutor Areas (links)


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Peter Birdsall


Change Profile Picture

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WUAS' timetable portal can be visited from phone, tablet or computer.


You can login with you students e-mail address and the same password as you are using for your email, online module area’s (Moodle) and all computers within the WUAS buildings / network. Here is explained how to add your modules to your timetable!