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Leave of Absence/Study Freeze: Can I take a leave of absence from my studies?

(Last edited: Monday, 22 January 2024, 11:50 AM)

Students can receive an exemption from the obligation to study upon application for a leave of absence for one lesson block, or a maximum of two consecutive lesson blocks. A leave of absence request must be submitted at least before the start of the Project Week (W3) prior to the lesson block for which the leave of absence is taken. For example, if the student wants to take a leave of absence in Block Oct, he/she has to send the request before Week 3 of Block Sep. Please contact the Registrar Office at 

As part of the application for a leave of absence, student will be required to demonstrate the grounds for the request. Student will not lose his/her place to study at WUAS during the leave of absence period and may subsequently continue the study at the end of the leave period.

During the leave of absence, the student remains a registered student at WUAS, and the study visa (if applicable), remains valid during this period. Additionally, as the registration is continuous, the student remains eligible for any DUO study finance/loan during the leave of absence period. For this reason, there is neither a freeze of payment obligations nor refund of the tuition fees.

In case the period exceeds two lesson blocks, Wittenborg will initiate the deregistration process. If student requires a study visa to study in the Netherlands, this means that the study visa will become invalid and the student no longer has the right to stay in the Netherlands based on study at WUAS. If the student wants to restart his/her study, the student has to inform the Registrar Office and he/she will be informed of the formal procedure that needs to be taken.

For more information on leave of absence, please refer to the EEG Part 12c.

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