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Work Placement/Internship: Can I still do an internship/WP after graduation?

(Last edited: Thursday, 29 October 2020, 5:15 PM)

No, you cannot do an internship/work placement after graduation. For an internship in the Netherlands, Dutch law requires applicants to be either a European Citizen OR to be currently enrolled in an educational institution as a student. It should be noted that after graduation, you will in general no longer be able to take an internship in the Netherlands. Your Work Placement ending date must be within the period of your registration at Wittenborg. 

What shall I do if it's not possible to do so?
You are highly recommended to discuss your situation of the current student status and changes in the near future and come up with a feasible solution with your Internship company. And then come back to externalraltions@wittenborg.eu for paper works if your internship duration has been revised to meet the requirement.


Work Placement/Internship: Does Wittenborg provide placements for internship or do I have to find it myself?

(Last edited: Tuesday, 14 July 2020, 9:51 AM)

Wittenborg has two platforms where internship vacancies are published: WittenborgConnect and HOSCO  However, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the internship company personally.


Work Placement/Internship: How shall I prepare for the Work Placement if I am a top-up, direct-entry student?

(Last edited: Thursday, 2 July 2020, 10:02 AM)

Work placement is not obligatory for students with direct entry into the final phase (Phase 3). However, they must complete 15 ECs for this module, either by undertaking a standard internship as per our procedure, or they can replace these credits with other taught modules. For this they must make an agreement for possible modules with their process tutor through their study agreement.


Please refer to the Bachelor's EEG PART 7 - Work Placement Handbook Bachelor's, Page 9.


Work Placement/Internship: Is the Work Placement compulsory for master's students?

(Last edited: Thursday, 2 July 2020, 10:00 AM)

No, the Work Placement is a non-curriculum required activity, thus it is not compulsory for master's students.


Work Placement/Internship: When can I undertake the mandatory internship?

(Last edited: Thursday, 2 July 2020, 3:33 PM)

Internships for IBA students will begin in Phase 3, while the in-company training for HBA students will begin in Phase 2 and the Work Placement will begin in Phase 3.



Work Placement/Internship: Who can I contact if my In-Company Training or Work Placement gets disrupted due to the ongoing Covid-19 crises?

(Last edited: Tuesday, 14 July 2020, 10:11 AM)

Students who are currently doing or about to begin an In-Company Training or a Work Placement in Block 6 or 7 and might be affected by the hospitality industry closing down due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic can fill in the form (http://tiny.cc/tn97lz). It is also recommended to keep your process tutor informed. 

Once the form is completely filled in and submitted, the External Relations & Work Placement teams will contact your Work Placement company and Education Department for a feasible solution to avoid any delays in your graduation.


Work Placement/Internship: Work during summer

(Last edited: Thursday, 2 July 2020, 10:04 AM)

If you are an international student residing in the Netherlands, holding a residence card for study purposes, you are allowed to work up to a maximum of 16 hours every week right through the year, or you could work full-time during the summer months (June, July & August).


Work Placement/Internships: How can I apply for internships?

(Last edited: Friday, 24 July 2020, 10:03 AM)

An important step in Wittenborg studies is the internship/work placement and achieving work experience related to your studies at Wittenborg. You can find information pertaining to Work Placement/Internship on the Work Placement (WP) Module online area. You need to first enrol in this module using the enrolment key. It is important that you thoroughly familiarise yourself with the pre-requisites, procedures and instructions before starting the WP/Internship. The Work Placement Handbook (EEG Part 7), which can be found on the online area, contain all the necessary information.

Basically, these are the steps that you need to follow:
1) Enrol in the WP Module using the enrolment key
2) Read the WP Handbook and ensure that you have met all the pre-requisites. You cannot start your WP if you have not fulfilled all the required pre-requisites
3) Register on the search platforms and search for suitable internship opportunities. Wittenborg has two WP platforms:
Wittenborgconnect: www.wittenborgconnect.com
HOSCO: www.hosco.com
Students can also use other external platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed.nl, or other employment agencies (take note that these agencies may charge service fee)
4) Once you've found a suitable internship opportunity, send your application and CV directly to the employer. If you are accepted, the employer should provide you with a signed acceptance letter/contract
5) Send your WP request to external relations via the online WP Request Form. You need to submit this form and upload all the required documents
6) Once your WP request is approved (the processing period can take between 3-5 days) and the Nuffic Agreement is signed, you can officially start your WP

If you still have questions even after reading the WP Handbook, contact the WP team at externalrelations@wittenborg.eu. When sending queries, always provide your full name and student number. If necessary, you can set an appointment to meet with any of the staffs.
Important: Always try to find the answers to your questions by first using the official information provided online - this is also a key element of acquiring professionalism.


Work Placement/Internships: Where can I find the placement request form?

(Last edited: Tuesday, 14 July 2020, 9:50 AM)

You need first to enrol in the WP module using the Enrolment key. Once in the work placement online area, you will find the Work Placement Request Form.


Work Requirements: I am a normal resident permit holder. Do the usual work requirements of the university still apply to me?

(Last edited: Thursday, 2 July 2020, 3:21 PM)

As a normal resident visa holder, working conditions may not apply to you; however, all registered students have to fulfil the work placement requirements at Wittenborg. This also includes procedures set before starting a work placement.


Work Rules: I have been living in the Netherlands and was already working here before my admission to Wittenborg university. Do the working conditions still apply to me?

(Last edited: Thursday, 2 July 2020, 3:22 PM)

No. The working conditions for students do not apply to you. You have to follow the part-time regulation for international students only in case of having a student resident permit.


Working in Netherlands: Can I work in the Netherlands after my graduation?

(Last edited: Thursday, 2 July 2020, 3:23 PM)

Students who graduate from Wittenborg University with a bachelor's or master's degree are allowed to search for a job in the Netherlands for a maximum period of one year, known as the 'Zoekjaar".
In order to do so, you should change the purpose of your stay by completing and submitting the appropriate IND form. (The application form is called: "Application residence permit without MVV or change of purpose of stay.)


Check the IND website for more information on this topic.


Working in the Netherlands: I am interested to know more about salary, minimum wages and payslips in the Netherlands.

(Last edited: Thursday, 2 July 2020, 3:24 PM)

It is always a challenge to learn about salaries, wages and reading pay slips when you start a job in the Netherlands. 

Get more information by visiting iamexpat.nl/career/working-in-the-netherlands/salary-payslip-dutch-minimum-wage.



Academic Supervisor: When/How can I request for an Academic Supervisor?

(Last edited: Friday, 18 September 2020, 12:06 PM)

One of the fundamental purposes of the Graduation Assignment is to ensure students carry out original applied research in a field that is related to their specialisation. This is done with the guidance of an academic supervisor, who is appointed in the final phase of a bachelor's degree programme, or from the first semester of the master's degree programme. Academic supervisors are always members of the academic staff at WUAS, appointed by the Graduation and Examination Board (GEB).

Academic supervisors will be allocated according to various criteria including their familiarity with the proposed topic, their knowledge of the relevant methodologies, their experience in conducting and supervising applied research projects and their workloads.

You can request for an Academic Supervisor when you meet the following pre-requisites:

  •         For bachelor’s students: you have obtained 140 ECs (credits);
  •         For master’s students: you have received approval on your Research Topic in Semester 1;

To request an Academic Supervisor, please complete the Online Academic Supervisor Request Form via the links below. You will receive a confirmation email approximately between 3-7 working days after submitting the form completely. Once an Academic Supervisor is assigned to you, please make contact with your Academic Supervisor by making an appointment using the Microsoft Office Calendar.

Apeldoorn Bachelor’s Students: Academic Supervisor Request Form

Apeldoorn Master’s Students: Academic Supervisor Request Form

Amsterdam Academic Supervisor Request Form


MBA/MBM Students: Is there a deadline to register for Project Weeks?

(Last edited: Wednesday, 11 November 2020, 3:21 PM)

Yes, we have created Project week registrations for each block in the course area. once you enrol yourself in to Project week course area, you should be able to see the Registration link. The deadline is Monday of the Lesson Week 1 at 08:30. If you missed to register yourself, you will not be allowed to participate in the Project week for that block.

Please note that enrolments and Registrations for project weeks are not the same. You can only do the registration after enrolling in to the course area.


Module Unenrolment: How can I unenrol from a module?

(Last edited: Wednesday, 7 October 2020, 8:51 AM)

In case of a situation where you wish to unenrol from a module you will need to visit the 'My Courses' section on wittenborg-online. Click the module that you wish to unenrol from. You will now be able to view an option 'Unenrol me from' under the Course administration section. Click on this and you will be able to enrol that particular module. 



Account Access: Why can't I access my online student account?

(Last edited: Thursday, 19 November 2020, 9:53 AM)

Please note that we have activated Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on all Wittenborg accounts. You have to login via text on your phone or Authenticator app. Please refer to the attached document on how to activate your MFA. 

There are other possible reasons why you cannot access your account, besides the MFA activation. The 3 most common reasons are as follows:
  • Entering the wrong password: A password may have been changed recently or the student may have simply entered the wrong password. Passwords are case sensitive.
  • Inactivity for a long period of time: If a student does not access his/her student account for a few months, the account will be blocked. The account has to be re-setted. Please contact Wittenborg Helpdesk to help reset the account. Helpdesk or Front Desk will send to the student’s alternative email information to have the account reset.
  • Outstanding invoice tuition fee: If a student has not yet paid the tuition fees, the student’s account will be blocked. The account will be reactivated once the outstanding tuition fees have been paid.

Sometimes there are technical issues with your account. Please contact ict@wittenborg.eu or Helpdesk to assist you further. 

If any question remains, students can contact the front desk for support. This can be done either via an email to frontdesk@wittenborg.eu or by phone: (088) 6672688.


Assignment Deadline: When is the deadline to submit my Type 2 Exams? What happens if I miss a deadline to upload an assignment on Turnitin?

(Last edited: Thursday, 19 November 2020, 9:57 AM)

The deadlines to upload assignments are clearly shown in the Module Guide, the Online Module course area and in the Turnitin submission page. The upload area is visible to everyone who is enrolled at the online module area of the course. 

You also need to consider the difference in the time zone that you are located in (for those who are not physically present in the Netherlands). Rules and regulations regarding deadlines to upload assignments at Turnitin are clearly indicated in the EEG guide of Wittenborg (Part 5 - General Assessment Policy).

Should you face any technical issues, you need to contact Helpdesk at least 30 minutes before the deadline with the assignment and screenshot(s) of the exact technical issue. Requests put after the deadline will not be attended to.

If you miss the deadline to upload an assignment on Turnitin, you will have to wait for the next retake opportunity.


You are highly advised not to upload your assignment in the last minute.


Assignment Submission: When can I submit my assignment?

(Last edited: Thursday, 19 November 2020, 9:58 AM)

The window period to upload assignments is open at least two weeks in advance of the due date. Avoid uploading your assignment at the last minute. Make sure to upload the assignment a day earlier to avoid complications such as technical glitches, lost internet connection, system overload etc. Submitting your assignment early also helps you to view your Similarity Index Report and ensure that the similarity index is below the 20% limit set by Wittenborg (Refer to EEG for more details). This allows you time to amend your assignment if necessary.

In case of technical issues, contact Helpdesk at least 30 minutes before the deadline, with the name of the module and screenshot(s) of the exact technical issue. Request put after the deadline will not be attended to.


Booking Appointments: How to book an appointment at Wittenborg?

(Last edited: Tuesday, 16 June 2020, 5:26 PM)

If you wish to speak to any of the Wittenborg staff (for example, your process tutor), please invite them for an appointment using the Microsoft Office Calendar.

In the attached document you will find a detailed guide.

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