Exam Review: How is exam review conducted for Type 1/Type 2 ONLINE assignments?

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All students should be given the opportunity to review their marked exam papers.
If a student does not agree with the grade and the feedback given by the faculty member for the online assignment submitted, the student must first contact and discuss it with the faculty member. A formal appeal can be made and sent to where there is further disagreement on the grade. The appeal email must contain the name of the module and name of the relevant examiner and the grounds for the appeal. It is obligatory for the appealing student to enclose all the email correspondences with the lecturer in which their initial appeal was declined. Once the complete formal appeal is received, it will be processed internally, and the student will be notified about the outcome.

As a standard quality control procedure, a moderation process is conducted by the exam committee prior to the results released to students for consistency in grading. And if inefficiencies of grading are found, corrective measures will be taken. This process is put in place to ensure that the students are not disadvantaged. 

Note: Students can only send appeal request within 1 week after receiving the results.

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