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Here are the answers of some recently asked questions from the students form the S groups:

Here are the answers of some recently asked questions from the students form the S groups:

by James Wittenborg -
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How much study fee about preparatory course and BA?

I think you are asking two questions. The first question is about the tuition of the preparation/foundation course for the second term and the second one is about the tuition fee of the bachelor course.

Answer to the first question:

In your case, you have paid for half year of tuition fee but one year housing and insurance that covers March 2004 to March 2005. Therefore the tuition fee for the second term of Foundation year is only 2.750 euro and 100 euro for study materials ( 2.850 euro in total). The costs for books are excluded, which means that you can arrange the books by yourself.

If you leave the Wittenborg house and arrange a house by yourself, you will be refunded approximately 2.400 euro for half year.

Then you need to pay to Wittenborg the difference between 2.850 and 2.400 euro (450 euro in total).

Answer to the second question:

The tuition fee for Bachelor first year is 3.950 euro and 250 euro for study material. Please be aware that the second year of Bachelor course will be 3.750 euro and third year will be 3.250 euro in the coming years. You can arrange the books yourself if you wish. The international office will provide you with list of books.

And next term ,can I applicate preparatory cause half a year?

Yes you can apply for the second term Foundation year (half year) and pay to Wittenborg the tuition fee of 2.750 euro and 100 euro for study materials. Consequently, your ID card will be renewed only for half year, I am afraid.

If i applicate BA half a year, could you return me another half a year srudy fee?

No, because we have non-refund policy in our bachelor programmes. However you can join the Transition course for one term that cost you 2500 euro. You can use this term to decide what you are going to do next. After the transition course, if you want to stay with Wittenborg you will be asked to join into the Bachelor course.

More detailed about the Wittenborg refund policy you can read here: http://www.wittenborg-online.com/index.php?id=44

The tuition fee has to be paid to Wittenborg. Along with this you need to apply for ID card and you need to prove that you have enough money to live in Holland during this year. If you are a student with money of your own: take with you a statement with your name on it from a Dutch bank or an internationally known bank which shows that there is enough money in your account to cover your costs in the Netherlands . The monthly costs for a living for a student in Holland are 679.49 euro. You need to prove that you have this money for 12 months (679.49 x 12 = 8153.88) in an internationally recognized bank. The bank transcript from internationally recognized bank has to be accompanied by Declaration for financial support (from parents or sponsor) and copes of the ID cards/passports of the persons that sign up his declaration.

Next term , i want move out school's house. When should I move out close the day? And when should I give you the new house contract?

Housing department will send everyone a notice soon about the checking out arrangement for this term. You are obliged to provide Wittenborg your new housing contract. I believe you have to do this quite soon.

If you have any more questions, please let me know.




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