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    Wittenborg's Sales Director in Vietnam
    by Wittenborg News - Saturday, 24 March 2018, 12:57 PM
    Promoting Presentation Skills in Vietnam

    We met up with Tim to ask what he had been doing in Vietnam.

    According to Tim, Vietnam has been a very significant addition to Wittenborg’s internationally diverse environment. Wittenborg has dealt regularly with Vietnam and built up relationships with local country representatives, which has influenced the large number of Vietnamese students coming to study here in the Netherlands.
    At the 2017 International College Economics and Finance (ICEF) Fair in Ho Chi Minh City, Wittenborg secured over 20 applications. It was a clear decision to attend again this year, with Tim in the role of Sales Director and part-time explorer.

    Promoting Presentation Skills in Vietnam

    Tim the Sales Director

    The Sales Director explained that this year's visit was "mainly just to reconnect with local country representatives and continue the process of what Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences does well – building international relationships. I also spent my time conducting workshops and small training sessions on presentation skills for potential students, and even the country representatives themselves, which was very successful."
    Tim's workshops focused on the important rules of body language and position when doing a PowerPoint or flipchart presentation. At Wittenborg, students will get the opportunity to hone these skills further during the 12 project week presentations, work placements and final graduation assignment presentations.
    With around 25 meetings over the course of the week, plus a few spontaneous conversations during the training sessions, Tim thought he had deserved some time out.

    Wittenborg's Sales Director in Vietnam

    Tim the...

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    Student Designs Restaurant App
    by Wittenborg News - Thursday, 22 March 2018, 12:36 PM
    Student Designs Restaurant App

    Wittenborg MBA Student Designs App to Reduce Waiting Times in Restaurants


    Wittenborg MBA student, Dilip Ram Vatty, has co-designed a mobile application which aims to eliminate the queuing problems customers face in restaurants – whether in a fine-dining restaurant or in a fast-food place. He is doing an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

    Vatty says the app – which is called "Fridden" – can also save restaurant owners between €15,000 and €20,000 a year in human resources costs. It has already got restaurateurs from Holland to Barcelona interested. The co-founders of Fridden are Himesh Bharat (tech lead), Krishna Kanth (CEO) and Harshavardhan Putluru (tech associate).

    So how does it work? Vatty explains: “When customers enter a restaurant they can take a seat and order food from their mobile phones, using the app. They can also re-order food without the pain of standing in a queue. That means restaurants will be able to process more orders, and human resources can be employed in more productive jobs. We want to reach 500 restaurants within three to four months.

    “The app also allows tourists or expats who find themselves in a foreign country, to convert menus into the language of their choice. Fridden can also be used as a platform for restaurants to identify and retain almost every customer who visits. Our research has shown that identifying customers and retaining them will increase sales by about 25%. Restaurants can send offers straight to an offers box in the app. Customers will, therefore, be able to find offers and discounts in their app offers box, based on their previous history and time spent in the restaurant. Parking money in ...

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    Regional Award for Wittenborg Press Officer
    by Wittenborg News - Monday, 19 March 2018, 12:47 PM

    Regional Award for Wittenborg Press Officer

    Wittenborg's Press Officer, Anesca Smith, was awarded the audience prize at the 2018 Powerwomen Award, March 7.


    Last 7th March, eve of International Women’s Day, The Boschvijver Restaurant in Apeldoorn hosted the 2018 Powerwomen Award, a prestigious annual prize awarded to women from the region who have shown exceptional ability and drive. The award springs from an initiative of empowerment speaker and business coach Lucinda Douglas.
    The jury award went to Léontine van Geffen-Lamers, a monument photographer who published a photo book on inspiring women, proceeds of which go to "Free A Girl". Wittenborg’s Press Officer, Anesca Smith, attended the awards and was thrilled to hear she had won the audience award.
    Attendees on the night could vote for the woman they thought most deserved the award. Nominees were asked to stand up and briefly explain what they were doing and why.
    Besides being an internationally experienced journalist, Smith set up a clothing company, We Be Sisters, in 2017, after realising that there was a niche in the market for African women’s clothes.

     Regional Award for Wittenborg Press OfficerWhat did she say to the audience?
    “I just spoke candidly about why I started making clothes and later turned it into an online shop,” says Anesca, “My baby girl died not too long ago and a grief like that is so big that there are parts of your mind where you dare not go. It is simply too frightening and too awful. To stay out of my head I needed to do something creative with my hands and that is how I started making clothes, teaching myself, remembering the ...

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    Applications Open for MA in Education
    by Wittenborg News - Sunday, 18 March 2018, 12:17 PM
    Applications Open for Wittenborg's MA in Education

    Wittenborg Steps into Bold New Territory as it Gears Up for First Master of Arts Programme - the MA in Education


    Applications are open for Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ new Master of Arts in Education programme, starting in October 2018. It is open for working students from the Netherlands as well as international students.

    It represents Wittenborg’s first fully accredited degree programme in the area of arts and research, and also the first one that does not have a direct management component, says Wittenborg’s chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall. “We are very proud. It is unusual for a private institution like Wittenborg to offer degrees in this field – most private institutions concentrate on the management sector.”

    The programme will be jointly offered in Apeldoorn by Wittenborg and its long-term education partner, the University of Brighton in the UK.

    Applications Open for Wittenborg's MA in Education

    The MA in Education is offered in English and spans two years as a part-time programme for working students in the Netherlands, and as a full-time programme for international students, who will be offered additional modules and work experience.

    It is geared towards students who are interested in progressing towards a PhD in Education. Modules are designed to complement and extend students’ professional commitments, and teaching and assignment submissions are scheduled to fit around their existing work.

    “When we unveiled Wittenborg’s 10-year plan in 2013, one of the concepts was to develop a School of Education,” says Birdsall. “Education is the core business of the university. If you do not have significant research ...

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    Putting the 'I' back into MBA - Study in Vienna and Amsterdam
    by Wittenborg News - Friday, 16 March 2018, 5:24 PM
    Students of International MBA can Alternate Between Vienna and Amsterdam

    International MBA Students Can Follow Modules in Vienna or Amsterdam


    Students studying Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ International MBA will now be able to follow modules or even part of modules at either its Amsterdam or Vienna campus – making it a truly international Master of Business Administration.

    At its original development, the MBA was actually called, the  i-MBA however during the initial FIBAA accreditation process it was decided to 'drop the i'. At the time it was felt by all involved that the MBA programme was not yet fully international, as staff and student mobility was not a possibility within the programme.

    Students of International MBA can Alternate Between Vienna and Amsterdam

    “We really wanted to add an international component to our MBA programme,” commented Wittenborg’s chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall. He revealed that Wittenborg is actively developing the opportunity for students to also follow i-MBA modules in London. "Its really great that we can now confidently put the 'I' back into our MBA" he adds.

    Students of International MBA can Alternate Between Vienna and Amsterdam

    Wittenborg’s MBA programme was approved in 2014 by the Swiss-German Accreditation Agency, Foundation International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA). A year later it was accredited by the Dutch NVAO, making it a double accredited MBA. There are 6 entry dates per year for Wittenborg’s MBA programme, and the duration of the course is 18 months.


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    Foreign Language Teaching
    by Wittenborg News - Wednesday, 14 March 2018, 7:36 PM
    New Approaches to Foreign Language Teaching

    Spanish Congress Brings New Insights on Teaching Foreign Languages


    Wittenborg’s Spanish language teacher, Mariví Martínez Brocca, recently attended the Congress for Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language (Evento práctico de profesores de ELE) in Utrecht.

    Brocca joined Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in September 2016.  Bachelor students can currently choose between Spanish, German and Dutch in order to complete their foreign language module. The language module covers three complete blocks, in contrast with normal business administration modules.

    The event took place in the Instituto Cervantes in Utrecht, and was organised by the institute and International House Barcelona - a prestigious school of languages. There were more than 100 participants - Spanish teachers coming from different countries like Germany, Spain, England and Belgium.


    New Approaches to Foreign Language Teaching

    The congress combined a range of conferences and workshops. The conferences centered on group dynamics when teaching Spanish, using comics as material in teaching Spanish and the use of the metaphor in Spanish lessons. “All three brought useful examples and shared material we can use or adapt to our groups,” Brocca said. “In terms of workshops, I particularly enjoyed the one about giving feedback. We analysed the whole sequence of the feedback session to students for a writing exercise that had been filmed. I will try to bring these ideas to Wittenborg.

    “For me the contact with Spanish teachers in a context of creativity, sharing ideas, materials...

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    Netherlands a Top Study Choice
    by Wittenborg News - Monday, 12 March 2018, 1:21 PM
    Netherlands a Top Study Choice in Europe

    Netherlands is One of Europe's Top Study Destinations


    The Netherlands is still in the Top 5 of countries ranked the best choices for international students wanting to study full-time degrees in Europe.

    In the 2018 edition of the Study.EU Country Ranking it enjoys an overall 4th place. It scores particularly well in terms of quality education and offering students and graduates a good quality of life and career prospectives.

    The list is topped by Germany, followed by the UK and France. Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ main education partner, the University of Brighton, is situated in the UK. A total of 30 European countries were ranked based on scores in three dimensions: Education, Cost, and Life & Career.

    In the education category, researchers looked at how countries performed in three of the most reputable university rankings (QS, THE, ARWU) as well as the number of study programmes offered in English. The quality of a country’s education system weighs the most when students consider their options in Europe.

    Also considered important is the cost of living and average tuition fees. The last category looks at the quality of life and career perspectives for international graduates. This year the ranking also takes into consideration personal safety as a factor.

    WUP 12/3/2018

    by Anesca Smith
    ©Wittenborg University Press

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    Graduate Lands Job at One of World's Top 10 Logistics Companies
    by Wittenborg News - Saturday, 10 March 2018, 4:35 PM
    Graduate Lands Job at One of World's Top 10 Logistics Companies

    Top-ten company


    Musita recently started working for one of the top-ten logistics companies in the world, XPO Logistics. While still a student, he interned at leading Dutch fashion house Supertrash last year, and also worked at Wittenborg as an education assistant.

    And if that’s not enough, Musita was the first student at Wittenborg to do two IBA specialisations almost simultaneously. He did an IBA (Bachelor) in Economics and Management, as well as an IBA in Logistics and International Trade, from which he graduated last month. Impressive for someone coming from a country that suffered heavily during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. However, that is not something he dwells on, and he plans to return to the country at some later stage.

    Alexis came to Wittenborg in October 2014 from his home in Kigali, Rwanda. “I chose Wittenborg because of the multiple entry dates, and the Netherlands because it provides quality degree programmes in English.”

    After finishing most of his modules for one programme, he wrote to the exam board in 2016 to ask permission to do another programme, receiving approval 3 months later.

    He says some of the challenges he faced as a student in the Netherlands were the language (Dutch) and the weather! He stayed in Apeldoorn while studying.

    His advice to current and prospective students is to manage their time well, practice self-motivation and work hard while staying focused. Doing a master's degree, and eventually his PhD, is “definitely on the table”.

    WUP 10/3/2018

    by Anesca Smith
    ©Wittenborg University Press

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    Wittenborg at Amsterdam Whisky Event
    by Wittenborg News - Thursday, 8 March 2018, 1:53 PM
    Wittenborg Student blends in well at Amsterdam Whisky Trade Fair

    Wittenborg Student blends in well at Amsterdam Whisky Trade Fair


    Wittenborg University Press (WUP) Sales & Marketing Assistant, Rousanna Baird, got her first taste of a drinks trade fair last weekend promoting "Whisky Burn – Distilleries of Scotland by Vespa". The hardback book is published by WUP, and written by UK author Ben Birdsall. 
    "Whisky Burn" details the author’s trip around Scotland visiting the whisky distilleries and learning about the industry – all on a 1979 classic Vespa 50! Launched at Wittenborg’s Amsterdam campus late 2015, the book has surprised everybody concerned by its sales and media attention.  
    A total of 34 exhibitors showcased their products, including some of the big names of the business, to c.700 visitors at the one-day event. Attending the annual “Spirit of Amsterdam” on March 3rd were representatives of whisky distilleries, importers, agents and interested members of the public. “Whisky Burn” was the only book on offer at the show.  

    Rousanna Baird

    Also manning the stand was Wittenborg’s Student Registrar, Santosh Aryal. The Wittenborg duo got the chance to speak to some of the people who know the industry, selling a few copies as they went along to interested connoisseurs.
    Rousanna, who is studying for a bachelor's degree in Marketing & Communication at Wittenborg, is not new to trade fairs in general.  “Actually,” she says, “I have done this more than once, in my home country of Guyana. However, it is my second time in the Netherlands. I recently exhibited at the annual Vakantiebeurs (Holiday Expo) in ...

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    Report Highlights Weaknesses in Oversight of Dutch International Education Policies
    by Wittenborg News - Tuesday, 6 March 2018, 8:10 PM
    Nuffic Under Srutiny

    Growing Criticism

    There has been a growing swell of criticism in the Dutch media and society at large about the unwanted side-effects of internationalisation in the Netherlands. This includes a shortage of accommodation for international students, fears that English will eventually come to dominate academic life in Holland, and the high number of German and Chinese students.  

    There has also been international disasters like the University of Groningen’s recent failed venture in China, which compelled the management of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences to write a letter of complaint to the ministry of education bemoaning the damage that has been caused to the reputation of Dutch institutions abroad.

    Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OWC) wants a “better grip” on the activities of Nuffic, the Dutch agency promoting internationalisation in higher education. Therefore, the ministry has asked the internal auditor of the Dutch government (Auditdienst Rijk) to compile a report that will provide insight on improving the guidance the ministry provides to Nuffic, and to clarify the accountability it requires from the agency.

    This report has just been released, receiving coverage in, among others, ScienceGuide this week – it is based on interviews with several employees within the OWC. The ministry has been subsidising Nuffic for the past 60 years. In the 2017-budget it was allocated €19.3 million.

    From the report it appears the ministry and Nuffic are not always on the same page when it comes to priorities in terms of international education. “Some of the interviewees are of the opinion that Nuffic sometimes take autonomous decisions without considering ...

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