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WUAS' timetable portal can be visited from phone, tablet or computer.


You can login with you students e-mail address and the same password as you are using for your email, online module area’s (Moodle) and all computers within the WUAS buildings / network. Here is explained how to add your modules to your timetable!


Turnitin Guide

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All students will be required to submit their written reports/assignments/exams through the Turnitin plagiarism software. This is considered part of the formal submission requirements.

Turnitin is used by the Wittenborg University of Applied Science to detect cases of plagiarism. The software compares the writing used within any document to other sources, for instance, websites on the Internet, journal articles, books, and other student work from other universities. Further details of the Turnitin submission process are provided during Wittenborg Introduction Week.

In the attached document you will see the detailed guide.