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Teams Notifications: How can the notification/Preview be turned off in teams?

(Last edited: Thursday, 9 June 2022, 11:19 AM)

When a new message is received in Teams, the user always get a notification and there is a pop-up message with preview. 

This can be turned off in two ways:

1. If the notifications needs to be turned off during the meetings only, the status should be changed to "Do not disturb" and then there will be no notifications/pop-up messages during the meetings.

2. You can turn off the notifications/preview from the settings in Teams app.

  • Open Microsoft Teams desktop or web client.
  • Click on the user icon, located in the right hands side of upper Teams bar.
  • Then click Manage Account to open the Teams Settings.
  • From the left hands side of the Settings dialog, select Notifications.
  • Then click the Custom button and you can see the option to Turn off the notifications/preview. Please see the attached image.


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