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Dentist: How can I make an appointment to visit the Dentist?

(Last edited: Tuesday, 4 April 2023, 3:51 PM)

You can visit and register yourself. Once you have registered on their website, you will receive a confirmation email and then you can mention your preferred dates for making an appointment with the dentist.

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DigiD: What is a DigiD and how do I get one?

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DigiD (short for Digital Identification) is a form of online ID that allows you to access many services and government websites in the Netherlands. It is like a digital version of your passport. The DigiD consists of a username and password that are linked to your personal citizen service number (BSN) which you have to apply for via your local municipality. You need your DigiD to do your administration online in the Netherlands. This includes doing your taxes, applying for benefits and allowances, and many other necessary transactions.

How to apply for a DigiD?

You can apply for the DigiD for free on the DigiD website You need to have your BSN. After filling in the application, you will receive an SMS code on your mobile phone. This is to verify your mobile number. Then you will receive another code via email. This is to verify your email address. Finally, you will receive a letter by post with the final activation code. This is to verify your registered home address and also to ensure security of your final activation code. Use the code to activate your DigiD within 20 days. Activate your DigiD via the DigiD activation webpage

Remember that your DigiD grants access to many aspects of your life online, so you should take care to keep it secret and also not to lose it. If you forget your DigiD username or password, you can visit the DigiD contact page for help

Entry link: DigiD: What is a DigiD and how do I get one?


Do I have to pay for the TB test?

(Last edited: Monday, 26 June 2023, 9:25 AM)
As of August 1, 2023, expatriates and immigrants will pay for their first tuberculosis screening done with an X-ray. 

The costs are indexed annually. For 2023, the cost of a first screening photo will be €51.06. These costs can only be paid by debit card.

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Doctor's Appointment: How can I make an appointment with the Doctor?

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Students who are living in Apeldoorn and seeking a doctor's appointment need to first send an email to

If you live in any other city, then you need to contact the clinic (Huisarts) nearest to your postal code and arrange the appointment by yourself. 

You will be requested to fill in a password encrypted form and send it to the Front Desk. 

Please remember to mention the following details in your form:

  • Your last name and initials
  • Your date of birth
  • BSN number
  • Address and Postcode
  • Telephone number and email address
  • Insurance policy number
  • The symptoms you have been experiencing and for how long
The Front Desk will forward the filled in form to the doctor on your behalf after which you will soon receive a phone call from the doctor's clinic who will provide you with further instructions.

For emergency appointments, please go to  for further instructions.

Note: We will share only your limited and relevant personal information with the General Practitioner in accordance with their requirements for making an appointment.

In the event of you having objections to sharing of your personal information, you can choose to call any General Practitioner and make an appointment on your own.

If you live in Amsterdam, you need to register with a home doctor (GP) as soon as you are settled and make an appointment by yourself when you need medical help. 

To search for a local doctor:   

Or simply search "huisarts" on Google Maps. 

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Drinking Water: Is tap water in the Netherlands safe to drink?

(Last edited: Monday, 29 June 2020, 9:57 AM)

Yes, tap water in the whole of the Netherlands is safe to drink. Not only will you save money by not buying bottled water, but you can also help towards keeping the environment clean by reducing plastic waste.

Entry link: Drinking Water: Is tap water in the Netherlands safe to drink?


DUO: How and when to apply for a DUO's Tuition Fee Statement form (Verklaring Instellingscollegegeld form)?

(Last edited: Wednesday, 21 October 2020, 5:06 PM)

Please know that the arrangement of a study finance/ study loan is always between the student and DUO. So if you have any questions whether you are entitled to receive study finance/ study loan in the Netherlands as a foreign student or regarding your monthly allowance, please check the Rijksoverheid website and/ or the DUO website. In case you are unable to find the answers you are looking for on any of the websites, you are advised to give DUO a call.

If you are entitled to apply for a DUO study loan/study finance, you can request a Tuition Fee Statement form ("Verklaring Instellingscollegegeld" form) from us, by (digitally) completing only section 1 of the attached form and sending it to We will complete the rest of the form for you, sign and stamp it, and send it back to you by email so that you can upload it in your "Mijn DUO". Or in case of any complications with the upload, send it by email to DUO via

Take note that this whole process goes together with your enrolment in our system, as well as the DUO system. That is why we need to check from our system if you are enrolled for the period you have provided to DUO a Tuition Fee Statement form for. If for whatever reason you have not/ cannot be enrolled yet for the new period as stated in the form (e.g. because of any outstanding fees), we will contact you. 

Two important things to keep in mind:

  • Please only request a Tuition Fee Statement form from us, at the moment you have received a new invoice from us, for the new period of your enrolment. If you have still not received an invoice from us for the new period of your enrolment, by latest one month before your current enrolment will end, please send an email to
  • Please keep in mind that you do not receive a Tuition Fee Statement form automatically from us, without a request by email, even if we have previously provided you with one. So please do not forget to send us an email ( on time with your request, as it is your own responsibility to make sure that all the arrangements have been taken care of ahead of time.
Entry link: DUO: How and when to apply for a DUO's Tuition Fee Statement form (Verklaring Instellingscollegegeld form)?