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Important information about the renewal of ID cards and summer vacations!

Important information about the renewal of ID cards and summer vacations!

by Tanya Dimitrova -
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New (March 2004) students:

1.        Students, whose ID cards are valid until 31st of August 2004, will receive official letter from IND until the end of May for the information of renewal of the ID card. Students have to apply for the second ID card before 31st of August. In case that the students want to go back to the home country for the summer vacation, the ID renewal application should be sent off to the IND at least 4 weeks before leaving Holland. (for example: if the flight has been booked for the last week of June, the ID card renewing application should be posted to IND at the end of May at the latest.) This is actually to give IND 4 weeks time to send you the bill of 430 Euro and you need to pay the bill before you leave Holland (see the explanation below).

2.        If students want to come back to Holland after 31st of August and the old ID card is only valid until 31st August:

1.        the application of ID card renewal need to be posted to the IND ASAP (at least 4 weeks before the leaving date). You need to fill in the form, attach all the necessary documents (see next page) and send them by post to the IND. Please also write down the dates of your home-visiting trip at the bottom of the ID renewal application form, so that the IND will also understand your absent during that period.

2.        After you have sent the application package for ID renewal to IND, you need to apply for a returning visa at IND- Zwolle, because you will only have your old out-of-date ID card when you come back to Holland after 31st August. To make an appointment, you will have to call the general number at IND 0900-1234561 and make an appointment at the IND office Zwolle to pick up your returning visa;

3.        The payment for the ID renewal is very important! After sending the application for ID renewal, you will receive an invoice (acceptgiro) at the home address to pay. This bill need to be paid as soon as possible – normally the payment deadline is 14 days after the bill is sent out. If you don’t pay it on time, the ID renewal might be refused/rejected! Because this is the only way to confirm your ID renewal with the IND, so if you don’t pay means you don’t want to carry on with the ID renewal process.

After all this is done and the returned visa is stamped in the passport, you can travel back to home country and return back to Holland after the 31st of August successfully.

AGAIN: Students have to pay the fee for the ID card renewal before going back to home country. If the fee is not paid within the specified time, the application will be considered not valid, therefore will lead to a refusal decision.

Other students:

  1. Check the expiry date of your ID card. Apply for renewal before the expiry date.

  2. You will receive application for renewal from IND three months before the expiry date. Fill in the form; attach all the necessary documents (see next page) and sent to IND. Please also write down at the bottom of the application form of the period that you are going to be back home country.

Required Documents for Re-new Residence Permit

1.        Copy of Passport (all pages)

2.        Copy of old Residence Card – ID card (both sides)

3.        Copy of “Student Registration” for the new study year (student inschrijven). This will be done by the I.O. after receiving the full payment for the next study year. Please note this is NOT “acceptance letter” or “letter of admission”!

4.        Copy of Insurance: this will be done by the I.O. after receiving the full payment for the new study year. If the insurance is arranged by the student, a copy of this insurance has to be enclosed. The insurance need to cover the full period of the next ID card (normally one year).

5.        Copy of receipt for payment for the next study year – provided after payment by the financial department of Wittenborg.

6.         Proof of sufficient means of living: students have two options to prove they have enough money to live in Holland in the coming year:

a.        Student’s personal bank transcript (saldo) in Dutch bank. On the bank transcript the account that is now in the bank should be at least 8.200 (for 1 year ID card) or 4.100 (for ½ year ID card) in total (€ 679,49 per month).

b.       Guarantee declaration from the parents, which has two requirements

                                                   i.      Filled in and signed “Guarantee declaration” from the parents (you can find it at the Front office). It need to be signed by the parent!

                                                  ii.      Bank transcript of the bank account of your parents in US or Euro (in an internationally recognized bank in your home country). This is to prove there are enough money that saved under the name of your parents and it is available to support your study here.

7.        1 Passport Photo – 35x45 mm, recent photo, taken from an authorized photograph.

8.        Filled-out residence Permit (ID) Form

9.        Signed sticker or Residence Permit (ID) Form


Student need to make sure that the living address is properly registered with the Town Hall (Gemeente). The fee for renewal of your ID card is 430 euro if you change from Foundation course to Bachelor course or changing schools. If you are staying as a Bachelor student, it will cost you 285 euro to renew your ID card. These fees need to be paid directly to the IND according to the bill that you are going to receive. Wittenborg does not pay the fee for the student!

Some of the rules have been changed in the last months, this information has been last up-dated according to the newest information on 12 May 2004.

International Office