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Wittenborg's E-Learning and Intranet Environment

Wittenborg's E-Learning and Intranet Environment

by Cornielius Tree -
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Wittenborg's E-Learning and Intranet Environment

Wittenborg is proud to implement the Wittenborg E-Learning and Intranet environment. (www.wittenborg-intranet.nl )

This is a totally comprehensive system that will enable on campus and off campus students and teachers to learn and interact with each other.

The system also allows for complete course management, student grades management, and study resource management.

Logins are bound to the Wittenborg user list, and after you have logged in for the first time, you will be assigned to your course, class or function. This is not automatic, so stay patient!

You should take a look at its features, by looking at the “features” link in the right of the main page.

The environment is in full development, but it will take time before all the courses are filled, and all the information is brought in. It is continually in development, and in line with Wittenborg philosophy we want to make you part of that process, and allow you to experience its development.

Please answer this news item, on the intranet (not this mail) with any comments, or wishes, or ideas!


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Re: Wittenborg's E-Learning and Intranet Environment

by Colin Lindsay -

There is no obvious teacher's formum on the fromt page (? right). We need to be able to discuss lesson making, and quizzes, student reactions and so on, so lets have a teacher's formum right there on the front.