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CEO of Wittenborg Appointed to Regio Stedendriehoek Strategic Board

CEO of Wittenborg Appointed to Regio Stedendriehoek Strategic Board
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CEO of Wittenborg Appointed to Regio Stedendriehoek Strategic Board

CEO of Wittenborg Appointed to Regio Stedendriehoek Strategic Board

Shaping the Future of the region

Maggie Feng, CEO of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, has been invited to join the board of the Regio Stedendriehoek, a collaborative effort representing the three cities of Zutphen, Deventer, and Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. The board aims to shape the future of the Stedendriehoek region by bringing together representatives from various backgrounds and with a shared passion for the region. The official kick-off of the board will take place on 5 June at Paleis Het Loo in Apeldoorn.

The Stedendriehoek region is a picturesque area that combines urban and rural elements, nature and activity, and is home to nearly half a million residents. It is represented by Regio Stedendriehoek (formally called Cleantech Region and which entrepreneur and Wittenborg family member Arko van Brakel chairs) and seeks to form a strategic board to determine the region's future. The board will consist of 15 to 20 individuals with leading roles in businesses, institutions, and local government in the region's eight municipalities. Their involvement is based on their contribution to the region's prosperity, their position in the regional network, and their wider network in the Netherlands.

The role of the Strategic Board is to identify opportunities and develop strategies for the region's future. While the board does not have a formal decision-making role, it plays a crucial part in conveying interests and urgencies. The board maintains a strong link to the region's implementation agenda, which covers important themes such as smart green urbanisation, a vital rural area, and a robust regional economy. 

Now the core group of the board has been formed, an introductory meeting is scheduled for 30 May to allow members to get acquainted and share initial thoughts on the board's potential impact. The kick-off meeting on 5 June will take place at Paleis Het Loo in Apeldoorn, featuring a festive and substantive agenda. The board anticipates a time investment of up to 16 hours per year for core group members, spread over several meetings and reconciliation contacts. The board's intention is to foster a long-term collaboration characterised by mutual openness and confidentiality. The duration of participation depends on individual enjoyment and personal choices. In 2023, the focus will be on getting to know each other, discussing the major tasks facing the region, and sharing ideas to enhance the Stedendriehoek area.

The Strategic Board aims to work together with a broader group of theme members who will bring their unique perspectives to specific issues. The exact working method, including additional themes for discussion, will be determined collectively. The board is committed to building the region and implementing good ideas and actions. Future meetings and details will be communicated to the members in due course. The board anticipates a fruitful collaboration that will positively impact the Stedendriehoek region's future.

WUP 19/05/2023
by Niels Otterman
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