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Graduation Assignment (GA) Oral Defence/Presentations: Can I use any special equipment or request for special arrangements for my GA Oral Defence/Presentation?

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Yes, you may use any equipment or request for special arrangements. However, please arrange this either through your Academic Supervisor or Process Tutor or the Education Department at least one week in advance of the time of the Oral Defence.


Graduation Assignment (GA/FP) Submission:Where can I submit my GA hard copies?

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Students must submit two properly bound (NO SPIRAL BINDING) copies of their GA/FP at least 3 days before the presentation. You can hand them in to the Front Desk at Laan vanMensenrechten 500.


Graduation Assignment (GA/FP):What is the deadline to upload my GA final version?

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The Turnitin Upload area for GA Final Version of a block closes at 4 p.m. CET (16:00 Dutch Time) on the Monday of Week 4 of a block. Once it has closed, it will become hidden to students and the upload area in the next block will open. If you miss the deadline you will need to submit in the next block's submission area.


Graduation Assignment Clearance Form:How can I upload my Graduation Clearance Form?

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No student is allowed to upload and defend their Graduation Assignment/Final Project unless they have uploaded a completed and signed clearance form at the time of submission of the final version (the deadline is same for the final version of GA/FP submission and clearance form). The clearance form shows that a student has completed all the required exams except the Final Project and have achieved 60 European Credits, and paid all outstanding dues to the institution.

A scanned copy of the properly filled out and signed Clearance Form (check EEG, Part 8) by all departments should be uploaded by the student in the Master's GA/FP online area before the deadline (Check module online area for exact time and date).

However, during this COVID-19 situation, this practice has been suspended until further notice. Students can check the status of this requirement via the GA (Final Project) module online area.


Graduation Ceremony: I will graduate in Block 7. Which graduation ceremony can I attend?

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There are two graduation ceremonies per year. One in February and the other is held in July. Students who graduate in blocks 1, 2 & 3 will be invited to the winter graduation (in February). Students who graduate in blocks 5, 6 & 7 will be invited to the summer graduation (in July).


Students can invite their family members to come to the graduation ceremony. A graduation ceremony signifies a close to your study journey at Wittenborg. It is a day full of joy, and the perfect opportunity to see your fellow graduates one more time and celebrate your graduation together.


Graduation: I am graduating soon. When can I receive my diploma and transcript?

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Normally, diplomas and transcripts are ready for collection within 3 months after the graduation date. However, you can check with the registrar in case you need the documents earlier, by sending them an email: registrar@wittenborg.eu.


Graduation: I will be graduating soon. What steps should I follow in order to complete this process?

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In order to graduate, students have to complete all European Credit (EC) modules. Once all ECs are achieved and you have passed the GA Oral Defence, you will be invited to the graduation ceremony by the Events Coordinator, via email.

In the email, you will find all information and instructions pertaining to the ceremony. Please follow all instructions given in the email. Among others, you will be required to:

1) provide information on your guest list (the number of guests who will be attending the ceremony)

2) complete the graduation questionnaire

3) submit a photograph of yourself. This photograph will be shown on the screen during the ceremony.


Guest Lectures: Will the university continue offering guest lectures?

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All guest lectures are cancelled and will be replaced by online films or recorded videos of guest speakers.

Please visit the following link for more details: