Emergency Contact: Where can I find important telephone numbers in case of emergencies?

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You can find basic information about living in the Netherlands from Wittenborg-online, on your Dashboard under the title ‘Information for International Students in the Netherlands or through this link:

All information pertaining to your living in the Netherlands, from the time before your arrival to after you graduate can be found here. If you are staying at Wittenborg’s accommodation, the student housing information booklet placed inside your room and in the common area contains emergency numbers in case of urgent needs. This information can be found in the first page and contains numbers of Wittenborg Housing Department, Police, Fire Brigade and Hospital.

Generally, the Dutch emergency number for police, fire department and ambulance is 112. The Call Centre respondent will respond to the call and ask who you are, where the emergency takes place and what the emergency is. They will then send the right forces (police, ambulance or fire service) to the scene.

Note: Only call these numbers if the matter cannot wait another minute with the issue. The Netherlands has a strict policy on emergency numbers. It is considered a crime to unnecessarily call 112. They will charge the person who calls the emergency number for nothing.

If someone needs the police for something else than an urgent crime, they can be reached at 0900-8844. For minor issues destined to be solved by the fire department, the phone number of the Apeldoorn fire department is 055-548 3555. 

In case of health issues, if one is not in immediate life danger, do not call 112. Call the Family doctor’s office by dialling 0555333288 and press 1 for emergency. They will tell you what to do next. If someone has a major health issue out of office hours, they can call the Apeldoorn Huisartsenpost. The telephone number is 0900 - 600 9000. They will give you instructions on what to do next.

 Note: Do not go to the emergency room/hospital without calling the Huisartsenpost first. This will not be covered by the insurance and it will take a lot of time before they can help.

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