Doctor's Appointment: How can I make an appointment with the Doctor?

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If you live in Apeldoorn, Front Desk will make an appointment on your behalf and inform you once the appointment is confirmed. If you live in any other city, then you need to contact the nearest clinic (Huisarts) to your postal code and arrange the appointment by yourself. 

Students who live in Apeldoorn and need a doctor's appointment should send an email to mentioning the following details:

  • Please give an option of 3 days for your availability to go to the doctor's appointment
  • Mention the preferred timings when you can go to see the doctor and we will try our best to book an appointment within your preference( Subject to doctor's availability).
  • Preferably, mention the symptoms you have been experiencing and if you have been taking any medication
  • How long have you been taking the medication and if you have experienced any improvement or change in your health

The Front Desk will make an appointment on your behalf and inform you by email within 48 hours in case of a standard appointment. You need to confirm attendance of the appointment by replying to the appointment email from the Front Desk. For emergency appointments, please go to  for further instructions.

Note: We will share only your limited and relevant personal information with the General Practitioner in accordance with their requirements for making an appointment.

In the event of you having objections to sharing of your personal information, you can choose to call any General Practitioner and make an appointment on your own.

If you live in Amsterdam, you need to register with a home doctor (GP) as soon as you are settled and make an appointment by yourself when you need medical help. 

To search for a local doctor:   

Or simply search "huisarts" on Google Maps. 

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