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Forging New Partnerships in Austria

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Forging New Partnerships in Austria
by Wittenborg News - Tuesday, 30 August 2016, 12:06 AM

Forging New Partnerships in Austria- EWS and Wittenborg August 2016

Forging New Partnerships in Austria

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The managing director of one of the oldest vocational schools in Austria, EWS (Europa-Wirtschaftsschulen Wien) spent a 4-day visit to Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, this past week.

Dr Ingeborg Kühling-Garfield is in discussions with the management of Wittenborg about a possible partnership between the two private institutions in the near future. EWS is located in the heart of Vienna, Austria, the picturesque city where Wittenborg is hoping to create new study opportunities for international students.

During her visit Dr Kühling-Garfield spent time at Wittenborg’s two locations in Apeldoorn, meeting with Peter Birdsall, chair of the executive board, and Wittenborg CEO, Maggie Feng.

EWS was founded in 1964, aiming to offer alternative study paths for business students in higher education than research universities, focusing on a jointly developed European curriculum by and with EWS’s many European countries. It was the first European programme of its kind in Austria, with the main aim of increasing employability in Europe.

WUP 29/8/2016

by Anesca Smith

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