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Financial Management Course Block 5 and 6

Financial Management Course Block 5 and 6

by Peter Birdsall -
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Financial Management 1

Financial Management 2


As you know, the Financial Management course, previously given by Henk Otto Limburg, is without a teacher at present. The course will be continued as follows, for both first and second year students:

In the exam week of Block 5, there will be an exam for both Financial Management 1 and Financial Management 2.

The exam will cover Chapter 4 and 5 of “Financial Management for Non-Specialists,3rd Edition;Peter Atrill;Pearson Education Limited-Prentice Hall; ISBN: 0-273-65749-6”During the 5 weeks of Block 6, the course will be covered by a series of guest speakers on special aspects of financial management. These areas will be examined at the end of Block 6.

The course will be run from within the e-learning area of intranet, so please look under this course to keep up with assignments, lesson times and content. For now the whole course area will be bundled under the name Financial Management, and is to be found under Freshman Year courses.Your papers, required at the end of block 3 still stand, however you will be asked to choose a subject from a list to be published on the e-learning site at the end of this week.