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Eureka! Wittenborg Staff at 2546 Meters

Eureka! Wittenborg Staff at 2546 Meters

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Eureka! Wittenborg Staff at 2546 Meters

Wittenborg Staff on Physical and Mental Border Extensions
2,546 metres high up on the mountain ridges of the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland, is where you could have found Wittenborg Senior Lecturer and External Relations Coordinator, Bert Meeuwsen, this summer.

With the summer holidays over, and staff returning back to work, it is always interesting to find out what they have been up to.  While others have done things such as camping, road trips and so forth, Bert Meeuwsen had a mission to challenge himself both mentally and physically. Bert set off hiking in the Swiss alps from Kandersteg to Adelboden, villages in the Bernese Oberland region, in what he called: "Physical and Mental Border Extensions".

The Challenge
The challenge was to hike for approximately 8 hours between two villages: Kandersteg, at 1,150 m, and Adelboden, 1,350 m. Admittedly, Bert said that the journey was arduous and it required mental and physical strength getting from point A - Kandersteg to point B- Adelboden, crossing a ridge next to the mountain Bunderspitz, at 2,546 m. He stated that "with a length of 11.5 km, and steepness of up to 45%, while walking on small and sometimes very uneven paths, it nevertheless offers breathtaking views of the clean Swiss surroundings!" The whole experience was intensive, but ultimately doable.

Eureka! Wittenborg Staff at 2546 Meters

The Motive
Bert has been volunteering with young people since 2010, and undertook the role as assistance to management at the International Scout Centres at Kandersteg (KISC), and Our Chalet, an international Girl Guide/Girl Scout centre. Both centres are connected to their respective international scout organisations, WOSM and WAGGGS. Proudly wearing his WUAS polo shirt, he commented "Both centres aim at the training and development of future leaders, with respect to the idea of creating a better world."

Opportunity for Wittenborg Students
As External Relations Coordinator at Wittenborg, Bert is constantly seeking opportunities for Wittenborg students. Therefore, this trip also involved making arrangements for student trainings and internships, an objective achieved. Wittenborg IBA and HBA students will now have the possibility to do internships and trainings at both scout centres.

WUP 4/9/2018

by Rousanna Baird
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