Dear IBA students,

We are happy to welcome you in this Process Tutor Area. Our names are Mariví Martínez Brocca and Emmah Muchoki. We are looking forward to provide you with guidance and support along this academic year. 

We need to formally meet twice per year. In order to have a better idea about your personal development and study progress, you are required to complete and submit this Meeting Request Form at least one week prior to the bi-annual tutor meeting: 

Besides the bi-annual meetings, we can informally meet. You need to submit as well the same Meeting Request Form.

In both cases, once you have sumitted the Meeting Request Form, you can schedule an appointment with your allocated process tutor by using Microsoft Calendar. If you don't know how to do it, please check FAQ.

This is our availability for block 1:

Mariví Martínez Brocca:

Every Tuesday (9:30- 16:30)

Every Friday ( 9:30- 11:30)

Emmah Mukoki: