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Vaccination: Can I be vaccinated in the Netherlands with my MVV visa/ Residence Permit?

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Yes, for more information check the Dutch Vaccination Program:



Vaccination: Getting proof of vaccination after being vaccinated outside the Netherlands

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If you have been vaccinated out of the Netherlands or EU and need proof of vaccination (QR code), you can refer to the page below for the instruction on how to get this proof in the Netherlands. 



Virtual Events: I am interested participating in the virtual events. What steps should I follow?

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You may join the event that you are interested in by following the steps below.

Monday DanceFit with Wilma Albertus: LINK Update your Facebook info and show that you are one of Wittenborg's current students or staff for speedy approval. 

#WorkoutWednesday with Sepanta Zamani: LINK  

#FridayLunch chit-chat with students, teachers and other Wittenborg staff: LINK


Please send an email to communication@wittenborg.eu for the ID and password to join an event.


The video platform Zoom is being used for this non-educational, online-socialising event. Zoom collects user details and shares them with third parties. Wittenborg cannot be held liable in any way for Zoom’s data collection. For more information, please read: https://www.wittenborg.eu/wuas-abandons-using-videoconferencing-tool-zoom-due-privacy-fears.htm



Visa Collection: How can I pick up my visa?

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Please contact the local embassy/consulate directly for an appointment via their website or by e-mail, and at the same time inform Wittenborg of the progress. This appointment can be a document collection procedure, therefore, students need to prepare all original and copies of required documents in advance (including all the documents which are also sent to Wittenborg).

Our Admissions Team will inform students by email which embassy/consulate they need to attend and will send the MVV Issue form beforehand.

A complete list of Dutch embassies and consulates around the world can be found on the Dutch Foreign Ministry website:


Students should bring the following documents to the embassy:

  • TEV approval letter in Dutch (translation not necessary). 
  • Copies of all the documents (to be left with the embassy) that you sent to us along with your original documents.