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Student Housing: How can I find my own house in Apeldoorn?

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Finding a house can be quite challenging in the Netherlands and the best way is to start by enquiring among fellow students or house mates. If you stay in the student housing at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, it is best advised to start looking for a house well before the end of your current student housing package. You will find available housing or local real estate companies details on websites or by just walking into a real estate agent company.

There are a huge number of property websites where you can begin the search for your new home. Popular national sites include:

There are some other ways present to help you in your house search:

  • Newspapers: All Dutch papers have a property section. De Telegraaf has a housing supplement on Wednesdays (in Dutch)
  • Network: engage your network to keep an eye out for new properties
  • Looking around a location: as well as getting a feel for the area, you can look out for Te Koop (for sale) signs on interesting properties.

Source: www.expatica.com


Student Housing: How can I see more details about the student housing rooms and facilities provided?

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Apeldoorn Student Housing

Wittenborg offers accommodation in a number of different places in Apeldoorn, all relatively close to the university (1-5 km):

  • Wittenborg offers shared apartments: 4-5 students sharing an apartment or flat.
  • Shared campus accommodation is also available, either from Wittenborg Housing () or from a housing partner (FSG Campus); students have their own rooms or share a room with another roommate within a campus complex, also sharing kitchen and bathroom facilities.
  • Most of the rooms are single and some are double rooms.
  • All rooms have basic furniture and high-speed internet.

Please go to https://www.wittenborg.eu/sites/default/files/wittenborg/pdf/downloads/Other%20documents/2020_Student%20Housing%20Factsheet_v1.pdf to be able to see further details about each student housing facility provided by Wittenborg university.


Student Housing: I am a new student and currently live with a relative. Can I still opt for student housing in Apeldoorn?

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Yes you can opt to live in the Wittenborg student housing. You will need to contact registrar@wittenborg.eu in order to fulfil the financial requirements apart from filling up the room application form Wittenborg Apeldoorn as a start. 

Students from the EU
Are you a Dutch or other EU-national student? Although you are encouraged to find your own accommodation, you are welcome to opt for Wittenborg’s own housing upon availability.

Students from non-EU countries
If you are a non-EU student, ‘package-fee’-paying student who needs Wittenborg to arrange your study visa to be able to join us in Apeldoorn, then the accommodation fee (plus administration fee for new-arrival students) of the first 2 blocks (3-3.5 months) is included in your package fee. The duration of the rental contract is same for all type of rooms- Shared rooms and single person rooms.

You will be allocated a room in either an apartment or campus complex, sharing a common area and all facilities with other students, both male and female.

After the package-fee period, which means after the first 2 blocks (approximately 3-3.5 months), we encourage you to find your own accommodation. Many students decide to find accommodation together with their newly made friends! This also means that our rooms will then be available again to new students arriving at Wittenborg.  

On the FAQ page of Wittenborg-Online, you will find contact information of local real estate companies and student housing providers/agencies in Apeldoorn, so you will have plenty of time to arrange your next accommodation.

If, after the first rental period, you decide to stay on in one of the rooms provided by Wittenborg, the deadline of your rental extension has to be followed as stated in your Student Housing Contract. 


Student Housing: I have undergone the PCR test before arriving at Schiphol airport. Do I still need to undergo the mandatory 10 days self quarantine upon arriving in the student housing? (COVID-19)

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Yes. A negative test result is not a substitute for self-quarantining. People with a negative test result should still self-quarantine for 10 days on arrival in the Netherlands


Student Housing: What steps should newly arrived students follow at the Student Housing during the ongoing corona virus?

(Last edited: Wednesday, 2 June 2021, 9:43 AM)

Steps to follow on arrival at Wittenborg Student Housing due to ongoing corona virus restrictions.  

  • All newly arriving students are required to self-quarantine in their Wittenborg student housing room for the first 10 days after arrival.  
  • Please avoid visiting Wittenborg during the first 10 days after arrival. You can call 0031 886672688 during office hours for any urgent matters. Latest Self Quarantine guidelines . 
  • All new arrivals need to monitor their health.  
  • No visitor or relative is allowed during the self-quarantine period.  
  • Avoid contact with others unless seeking medical help.  
  • Use face mask to cover your mouth and nose when you have to go out for grocery shopping and please maintain 1.5 meters distance from others.  
  • In case you need medical care, please write to frontdesk@wittenborg.eu from your student email preferably. 

For more details on the guidelines during corona virus can be accessed on the www.nederlandwereldwijd.nl link .


Travelling to the university: How can I reach the university campus in Apeldoorn easily?

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Most of the Wittenborg student housing/dorms are within a radius of 2 km of the university and Apeldoorn has an excellent public transport system. If you are used to cycling, you can buy or rent a bicycle. Second-hand bicycles are available for less than €100.


Weather in the Netherlands: What sort of weather can I expect in the Netherlands?

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The type of weather depends on the wind direction: east winds in summer can be hot, around 30 degrees Celsius or more, and cold in winter around minus 10 Celsius or less. West winds in general are mild but can produce rain. The Netherlands is quite green. All four seasons have their own character.     


What is Basisregistratie Personen (BRP)?

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If you have moved to the Netherlands and intend to live here for more than 4 months, you must register yourself in the Basisregistratie Personen – BRP (Personal Records Database). You can do this by visiting the City Hall of your municipality. 

Similarly, if you move to another municipality in the Netherlands, you must notify the new municipality of your change of address.

Once you register in the BRP, you will receive your BSN.

Failing to do these might result in withdrawal of study visa by the Dutch Immigration Office (IND). In such a case you will be required to leave the country and apply for a new MVV (entry visa) from your home country to continue with your studies. Eventually, it will cost you time and money.

Important note: You must inform Registry Office (registrar@wittenborg.eu) whenever you change your address within the Netherlands. The same applies when you are planning to deregister from the City Hall and leave the country for a temporary period of time or permanently.

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