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Student Counsellor

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The student counsellor is your point of contact for confidential heart-to-heart conversations, advice and information on the following challenges and difficulties:

  • Confidential matters
  • Non-education-related issues/personal issues 
  • Personal matters and challenges that are not directly education-related, for example: 
    • Integration/Community 
    • Motivation 
    • Loneliness, homesickness 
    • Relationships and family circumstances 
    • Health, illness and care 
  • Note: The student counsellor does not provide any medical treatment. Suspected disorders/mental health issues that require more specialised or long-term treatment are referred to the GP/medical professionals.


How does the student counsellor system work?

  • 3 hours per week of walk-in hours, with even weeks (2,4) on Tuesday mornings from 9:00-12:00 and odd weeks (1,3,5) on Tuesday afternoons from 13:00-16:00.
  • Students can book a walk-in or a virtual (Google Meet) appointment, approximately 15-20 minutes. Register for the time slot directly via email to Rens. 
  • Within the same month, students can have follow-up session(s) of around 1.5 hours total per person (can be allocated in one or multiple sessions) if needed.

Contact information: Rens Platteel-de Clercq,, 06-45268720

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