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Student Confidential Advisor

(Last edited: Monday, 18 September 2023, 5:01 PM)

Student Confidential Advisor: Jacqueline Horstman (External of Wittenborg) 

If you encounter the following challenges and difficulties and would like to speak to an external person about them: 

  • Independent and confidential 
  • Point of contact if someone is confronted with unacceptable, undesirable behaviour within Wittenborg (as victim or observer), i.e. from other students, staff members, teachers, etc. This includes but is not limited to verbal and non-verbal forms of :  
    • Bullying 
    • (Sexual) harassment 
    • (Sexual) intimidation 
    • Violence and aggression 
    • Threats 
    • Discrimination 
  • The confidential adviser offers moral and emotional support and can inform the complainant of possible ways to resolve the problem. Together, they investigate which steps the student can take, identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each step. The confidential advisor can support with reporting the problem and/or with filing a complaint. The confidential advisor guides the student through the entire process while actions are only being taken based on the explicit consent of the student. 

How does the confidential advisor system work: 

  • Students can contact Jacqueline directly through phone or e-mail, without any involvement of WUAS. 
  • When students approach Jacqueline, she will respond as soon as possible to make an appointment. 
  • The appointment will normally be online, but can also be planned at Jacqueline’s office in Zutphen. 
  • If Jacqueline is not available, the contact information of a replacement confidential advisor is shared when students make contact.

Contact information: Jacqueline Horstman,; 0575-547455 

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