Exam Review: How is exam review conducted for Type 1 WRITTEN exams?

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As described in the General Assessment Policy, in Part 5 of the EEG, students will be given an opportunity to review their made exams and they can discuss the grading with the exam review organizer. Any questions or doubts about the marking criteria can be raised during this session and registered for further review or appeal that will be forwarded to the respective teacher. No extended opportunities are organised outside these sessions scheduled during the project week, under general circumstances.

Exam Reviews are organised per phase and students are advised to check the timetable for specific information such as the exact date, time and location. 

Kindly note the Exam Review Rules below.

Exam Review Instructions 

  • All examination Hall rules apply to exam reviewers. 
  • Students are NOT allowed to take partial or complete exam papers outside the room. 
  • Making notes from any exams is NOT allowed. 
  • Photocopying or taking pictures of exams is NOT allowed. 
  • Sharing of exams among other students is NOT allowed.  
  • Pens/erasers are NOT allowed when reviewing exams. 
  • Students are NOT allowed to write, add or erase anything on their exam papers.  
  • A student can only review ONE exam at a time. A student must return the first exam paper before being allowed to review another exam paper. 
  • Students are NOT allowed to talk to each other or hold discussions during the exam review.  

 Some useful tips: 

  • Verify marks per question. 
  • Count/confirm the final mark. 
  • For discrepancies raise your hand and exam organizer will attend to you. 
  • After analysing the paper and an issue is found, fill in the exam review form completely with all the required information and write in readable English. Partially filled or difficult to read forms will not be handled. 
  • If necessary to discuss any raised issues, a meeting with the teacher concerned can also be arranged within two weeks. Please indicate this in the form with your questions.  

 Note (!) Violation of the rules can lead to serious consequences as per the Examination rules stated in the EEG. Such cases will be referred to the Graduation & Examination board for the decision.  

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