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Oral Defence: Can students defend/present the Graduation Assignment/Final Project (GA/FP) online?

(Last edited: Friday, 26 August 2022, 9:16 PM)

As all educational activities are now conducted as on-campus activities, we would like to highlight that students must be physically present on campus to defend the Graduation Assignment and Final Project (GA/FP) in addition to the presentations of In-company training and Work Placement modules.

Wittenborg is an experiential institute. At Wittenborg, students sign up for a degree programme with lessons, projects and other educational activities delivered on-campus on a full-time basis. Therefore, all students are expected to be physically present and effectively participate in the classes in order to fulfil all study requirements.

If you have to travel outside the Netherlands for any extended period for mitigating reasons (e.g. medical), please note that you must inform your Process TutorAcademic Supervisor & the examination department ( at least one block in advance of your Graduation Assignment and Final Project modules.

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