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Student Housing: I am a new student and currently live with a relative. Can I still opt for student housing in Apeldoorn?

(Last edited: Thursday, 17 March 2022, 10:24 AM)

Yes you can opt to live in the Wittenborg student housing. You will need to contact in order to fulfil the financial requirements apart from filling up the room application form Wittenborg Apeldoorn as a start. 

Students from the EU
Are you a Dutch or other EU-national student? Although you are encouraged to find your own accommodation, you are welcome to opt for Wittenborg’s own housing upon availability.

Students from non-EU countries
If you are a non-EU student, ‘package-fee’-paying student who needs Wittenborg to arrange your study visa to be able to join us in Apeldoorn, then the accommodation fee (plus administration fee for new-arrival students) of the first 2 blocks (3-3.5 months) is included in your package fee. The duration of the rental contract is same for all type of rooms- Shared rooms and single person rooms.

You will be allocated a room in either an apartment or campus complex, sharing a common area and all facilities with other students, both male and female.

After the package-fee period, which means after the first 2 blocks (approximately 3-3.5 months), we encourage you to find your own accommodation. Many students decide to find accommodation together with their newly made friends! This also means that our rooms will then be available again to new students arriving at Wittenborg.  

On the FAQ page of Wittenborg-Online, you will find contact information of local real estate companies and student housing providers/agencies in Apeldoorn, so you will have plenty of time to arrange your next accommodation.

If, after the first rental period, you decide to stay on in one of the rooms provided by Wittenborg, the deadline of your rental extension has to be followed as stated in your Student Housing Contract. 

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