Exam Type1: What are the new changes to exam type 1 in 2020-21?

(Last edited: Thursday, 29 October 2020, 12:07 PM)

Type 1 assessments are closed or open book examinations held in school ​under invigilation​. After having experimented with online ​exam type 1 examinations, uploaded answers and the management of these during the retake weeks of block 8 (which were held at the end of August) we have identified various issues with ​organizing a traditional open book exam online.

Therefore, we have decided to implement the following ​for the complete academic year 2020-21:

  • From Block 1, all Type 1 assessments will now follow the following format:
    • Type 1 assessments will now be assignments given in the form of open-book questions. The questions should result in a report that is uploaded through Turnitin;
    • ​The examiner could ask either similar questions on a certain topic or could be a different set of questions to effectively cover the module aims and objectives. It will not be a standard type 2 exam report, project and/or theoretical paper but open-ended questions with an application, reasoning, reflection etc.; 
    • Per question, there should be a description/instructions on what the student is expected to do, plus a maximum and minimum word count for all questions.  The Type 1 assignment will be created in a ready to use a Word template that the student downloads and completes. This will provide uniformity;
    • The assignment ​with questions for ​final module assessments should be made available to students as of 4 pm on the Friday of week five of the block;
    • The deadline for submission of the assignment through turning it in should be set as 4 pm on the Friday of exam week of the block (week 6);

Type 2 assignments have no changes to the standard assessment as described in the relevant EEG and module guides.

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