New address registration: How long can I wait before registering my new address in the Netherlands?

(Last edited: Thursday, 13 August 2020, 2:20 PM)

You must inform the municipality of your change of address anywhere between 4 weeks prior to moving and 5 days after moving. The moving date that you provide will be treated as the day on which your address changed. If you inform the municipality more than 5 days after moving, the date on which you inform the municipality will be treated as the moving date. Municipalities can impose a fine of up to €325 if you do not inform them in time of important changes to your personal information.

The following link is the page on the city hall website, which guides you how to change your address online. This link is only for students living in Apeldoorn city.;jsessionid=8C22DB3273EA4687ACA6B5DB4096CB48#burgerzaken

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