Work Placement/Internship and Part-Time Jobs: Is there any difference between internships and part-time jobs?

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A Work Placement (WP) is a curriculum module for all Bachelor students and is an essential part of your study programme, however, a part-time job is an additional extracurricular option. During the WP, you will be assigned a company supervisor who will monitor your progress throughout the internship. The company supervisor will update the Work Placement Coordinator at the university of your progress periodically. You will also be assessed at the end of your internship by the company supervisor and the grade will be included in your WP final mark. As for a part-time job, there is no assessment and it is purely your own personal undertaking. Students can take a part-time job while doing a Work Placement/Internship.

Take note that you will not be allowed to present your Graduation Assignment if you have not passed your Work Placement/Internship module.

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