Internship/Work Placement: I have received an internship offer from a company. What should I do now?

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As soon as you have received an offer of internship from an employer, you have to complete the following process:
1. Get a signed internship contract from the employer.
2. Register for the work placement module using the enrolment key.
3. Complete and submit the online Work Placement Request form via the link below:
You also need to upload several documents together with the form.
4. A downloadable Nuffic agreement template is attached. The form must be filled and signed by you and your employer.
5. Submit the original Nuffic agreement hard copy to External Relations, or digitally via email to or upload it together with the online Work Placement Request Form.
6. You may start your internship upon completion of the above steps.

  • You are not allowed to start your internship without the signed Nuffic agreement. Any work hours prior to the signed Nuffic agreement will not count for the hours necessary to fulfil this work placement module.
  • For an internship in the NetherlandsDutch law requires applicants to be either a European Citizen OR to be currently enrolled in an educational institution as a student. It should be noted that after graduation, you will in general no longer be able to take an internship in the Netherlands. Your Work Placement ending date must be within the period of your registration at Wittenborg. Please make sure you have an up-to-date Registration Letter which covers your Work Placement duration.
  • More importantly, working without a signed Nuffic agreement or a work permit is considered illegal in the Netherlands. Wittenborg will not be responsible for any legal issues arising in this case.

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