Living in Amsterdam: How can I find student housing in Amsterdam?

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Finding a place to live in Amsterdam can be quite a challenge; therefore, we recommend you to look for your new home as early as possible. Although Wittenborg does not offer student housing in Amsterdam, we can recommend you some websites and organisations that can help you in your search.

Student housing corporation

Here are three non-profit social housing corporations in Amsterdam:

De Key owns more than 33,000 rental units in and around Amsterdam.

DUWO is the largest provider of student accommodation in the Netherlands.

Ymere offers properties in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Alkmaar and surrounding areas.

Websites for finding student housing




The Student Hotel is somewhere in between a hotel and student accommodation. You can book a room for a week or whole semester. Website:

Facebook group

Amsterdam Apartments 4 Rent:

Kamer gezocht in Amsterdam:

Woningen te huur in Amsterdam:

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