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What is a 'top-up' programme?

In the UK and other countries a 'Top-up degree' is seen as equivalent to the final year of an undergraduate degree. These courses are aimed at students who have previously completed a related foundation level degree (or equivalent, e.g. an HND) and they provide a route for students to achieve a Bachelors degree. At Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences a 'top-up' is the last 1/3 of any programme in the bachelor of business administration degree, for students who enter with the maximum amount of credit transfer for a previous period of higher education study within the domain of economics, business, or management. Students entering the Final Phase of WUAS' undergraduate programmes as 'top-up' students with credit transfer study the curriculum of the full programme alongside students who have progressed without Credit Transfer.

Students with successful previous study experience / higher education study period equivalent to a maximum 160 European Credits (2-3 years Higher Education) in a related business or economic field are able to enter directly into the final phase of the various bachelor's programmes. Entry is based on Credit Transfer as described in the Lisbon Treaty (ECTS) and students must always be initially accepted into the undergraduate programme. A minimum of 80 credits, 1-2 years study is always required in cases of maximum credit transfer.

The judgement of entry qualifications applicants with a non-Dutch pre-education is initially based on comparison and recognition through ENIC-NARIC, the Nuffic Country Modules and a Nuffic evaluation, if required. In individual cases, the examination and graduation board will decide on entry based on credit transcripts and qualifications presented.

Note: WUAS does not allow Credit Transfer into any of its postgraduate (master's) programmes.

See this page for specific details of all Credit Transfer considered at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences

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