Internship: Will my prior work experience be counted as an internship?

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There are no exceptions offered by Wittenborg for the work placement. All regular students must fulfil the conditions of this module. All regular students will have to go through the assessment of this module (Work Placement Evaluation Report and Work Evaluation Presentation).

The Graduation and Examination Board recognises that students can ask at entry of the programme to be deemed as having done the work placement module. This will only be considered if the following has been fulfilled:

1. The student has done a prior WP which had at least the same duration of a normal Wittenborg WP and was done not more than two years prior to the date of admission to the IBA programme.

2. This prior WP has not been credited before, by another education institute.

3. The student is able to provide the WP Coordinator with:

a. A proper and detailed job description

b. A recommendation letter from the company

4. The WP Coordinator will contact the company with regards to the recommendation letter.

5. If all conditions have been met, the WP Coordinator will formally recommend to the Graduation and Examination Board of the student’s request of compensating the WP duration period.  

6. If approved, the student will need to write the Work Evaluation Report (WER) and present it.

7. The final approval is given by the Graduation and Examination Board.

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