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RPs: How the procedure for Research Proposal work?

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Please see below the flowchart for the procedure of Research proposals.

Source: Part of the EEG


Similarity Report: How much time will Turnitin take to generate similarity report for my submitted file?

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Students are eligible for a similarity report within 30 minutes (by standard) for the first three uploads of the assignment via Turn-it-in. However, from the 4th submission, the similarity report may take up to 24 hours to generate.

Students are strongly advised to upload their final reports at least 30 minutes before the deadline.

Source: www.wittenborg-online.com


Student Account: Who can I contact in case of loss of access to my student account?

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If a student’s account denies access, this can have multiple reasons. Below the 3 most common reasons are highlighted.


  • Password change. Students have to regularly change their password to secure their account.
  • Inactivity for a longer period of time. If a student does not access his school account for a few months, the account will be blocked. The account has to be reset. The Wittenborg Front Desk can do this - send an email to have your account reset.
  • Outstanding invoice tuition fee. If a student has not yet paid the tuition fees, an account will be blocked. After receiving the payment, the account will be reactivated.

For further information ask the Front Desk for support. This can be done either via email to frontdesk@wittenborg.eu or contact Helpdesk or by going to the Front Desk in person.



Submission Deadline: My submission deadline is at 16:00. How late can I submit my assignment on Turnitin?

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Submissions of assignments just a few minutes before the deadline can be a risky issue. This is because it can take a few minutes before the system registers your uploaded work. Therefore, the student must always upload all assignments with sufficient time left in order for the work to be stamped in time. Submitting with sufficient time will also allow the student to correct any mistakes in the assignment.  Consigning submissions at least 24 hours before the actual deadline may be a safe measure and can prevent any last-minute stress or failure of submissions.


For any technical reason for non-submission or failure to upload assignments, please contact your teacher and Helpdesk.

Source: The EEG Part 4 - Practical Information Guide


Teams Notifications: How can the notification/Preview be turned off in teams?

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When a new message is received in Teams, the user always get a notification and there is a pop-up message with preview. 

This can be turned off in two ways:

1. If the notifications needs to be turned off during the meetings only, the status should be changed to "Do not disturb" and then there will be no notifications/pop-up messages during the meetings.

2. You can turn off the notifications/preview from the settings in Teams app.

  • Open Microsoft Teams desktop or web client.
  • Click on the user icon, located in the right hands side of upper Teams bar.
  • Then click Manage Account to open the Teams Settings.
  • From the left hands side of the Settings dialog, select Notifications.
  • Then click the Custom button and you can see the option to Turn off the notifications/preview. Please see the attached image.



Timetable: How can I add courses in the timetable?

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In order to add courses to your timetable, please go to timetable.wittenborg.eu, log in with your student account and choose your study programme and phase (for bachelor's degree students only). Once the courses are selected add them to your timetable. Then you will be able to view your schedule in a day/week/month mode.


Turnitin Feedback/Comments: How to check comments and feedback in Turinitin?

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You can find the comments by clicking on the submitted file. please note that the comments can be find inside the submitted file body.

The feedback icon can be find on the right hand side, once you open the submitted file. 

Source: Turnitin Guide


Turnitin Report: I cannot see my originality report even after 24 hours. What should I do?

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Please contact Helpdesk and your (teacher) @wittenborg.eu for further resolution to the problem.


Turnitin Submission Deadlines GAs: How can we know the exact dates for our GAs submission?

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The submission deadlines are set a year in advance and can always be seen in the online area. Please note that these dates cannot be changed/extended.

Below is an example for Block 6:

We have the same information in the EEG and you can find it in Part 8 of the EEG

Source: Part 8 of the EEG


Turnitin Submissions: Why can't I upload my assignment on Turnitin while there is still sufficient time for the deadline?

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There could be errors in the upload area. Should you face this difficulty, contact your module teacher as soon as possible, as well as Helpdesk.


Turnitin Upload: Why does the upload status show "processing" even after I have submitted my work?

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If you are getting a status report "processing", it means your work has yet to be checked by Turnitin. Therefore, the work has been submitted but not yet checked. During the first 3 submissions, it takes anywhere between a few seconds to a few hours to see your report. It will take 24 to 48 hours for the 4th submission onward to reflect the report.


You can write to ict@wittenborg.eu or put a request to Helpdesk to share any further concerns.


Unenrolment: I am unenrolled from my course automatically and I cannot see the course on my Dashboard neither I can access the course Team

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Students get unenrolled automatically, if they are inactive in the course area for 21 consecutive days.

Students can always re-enrol themselves using the enrolment keys from the process tutor area, if it is required.


VitalSource: How to access required reading materials from Pearson via Vital Source.

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The access to all the Pearson books are integrated through the Online Library & Resources and relevant course areas on Wittenborg-Online.

In order to get the best reading and studying experience, staff/students need to register the first time they access the database. The registration page will only show on the first time registration. Once a user is registered, the system will link the user bookshelf account with their Learning Management System (LMS) account and will never ask again for login.

You can find the HowTo guide enclosed herewith. 


Zoom Meetings: How to set your background image to Wittenborg logo during meetings?

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You need to go to settings of your Zoom, click on settings. Turn on the Virtual Background and then you can select the image for your meeting background.

The Wittenborg logo image is attached here, you can save it and select it as background image of your meetings.

Source: Zoom Technical Support


Academic Calendar: How can I find the academic year calendar?

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All Academic year calendars are accessible via the link https://www.wittenborg.eu/downloads.htm. You will find it under the section ‘WUAS Year Planning’

You can also access it in the section 'Student Resources - General Information for all Students' on Wittenborg-online 




Admission/Application: Is Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences still considering applications from students residing in countries that are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak?

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Yes, Wittenborg is processing all applications as normal. Wittenborg is closely monitoring the current COVID-19 situation and follows the guidelines as implemented by the Dutch government and the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. However, Wittenborg Admissions continues processing applications for its next intakes, regardless of your nationality or the country you are residing in.


Apeldoorn Campus: How can I find the Wittenborg location in Apeldoorn?

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Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has its main campus in Apeldoorn, which consists of two separate buildings within walking distance from one another. Both locations share a central telephone number +31 (0)88 6672 688. Both Wittenborg campuses are conveniently accessible by public transport and are just 3-4 minutes walking distance from the Apeldoorn train and bus station.

  • Aventus building: Laan van de Mensenrechten 500, 7331 VZ Apeldoorn.
  • Spoorstraat building: Spoorstraat 23, 7311 PE Apeldoorn.

The Aventus building

The Aventus building is just across the road on the south side of the railway station and is accessible via the pedestrian and bicycle subway. Wittenborg is located on the 3rd floor of the Aventus building. Upon entering the main entrance of the Aventus building, turn right where there is a café/brasserie. Walk past it and access the door on your left towards the stairs and walk up the stairs to the 3rd floor.

Note: The elevator is only accessible with a student card.

The Spoorstraat building

The Spoorstraat building is located on the north side of the railway station and is about 3 minutes' walking distance. It can be recognised by the Wittenborg flags and the Wittenborg logo at the top of the building.

You can find some practical information guide from the link below.



Attendance: How do I know if module attendance is compulsory?

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From academic year 2022-2023 (starting Monday, 29 August 2022), there is 75% obligatory class attendance for all modules for all programmes. Students will NOT be allowed to take the exams if they do not obtain 75% class attendance.

You can refer to the EEG Part 5: General Assessment Policy for more information.


Bank Account: How to open a private Dutch bank account?

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Before you go to open your bank account, you need to choose which bank suits your needs or principles. You should also take into account that most banks charge a yearly fee for having an account with them.

Biggest banks in the Netherlands

To open a private bank account in the Netherlands you will need to either make an appointment online, or simply walk into your nearest branch with all of your details.

To open a bank account in the Netherlands you will need the following:

  • Your BSN number (Burgerservicenummer)
  • A valid form of ID (passport or identity card - often a drivers licence is not acceptable)
  • Proof of address (i.e. a rental contract)
  • Residency permit if you come from outside of the EU


Bank Accounts: What is an IBAN?

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IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number and is a number attached to all accounts in the EU countries. It is made up of a unique code that identifies the country in which the account is opened, the account holder's bank and the account number. The IBAN helps to make the process of cross-border payments easier and faster. The bank assigns an IBAN to your account. You need to use the IBAN when sending interbank transfers or wiring money from one bank account to another, especially across international borders.

The structure of the IBAN is as follows: The country code NL / 2-digit control number / 4 letters that identify the bank / 10 digits, which consist of the current account number supplemented with zeros.

Example of a Dutch IBAN:  NL73 INGB 123 456 78 00