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Exclusive Cooperation between Wittenborg Business School and NTI University
by Wittenborg News - Tuesday, 21 June 2011, 11:09 AM

Action Learning MBA  - Exclusive Cooperation between Wittenborg Business School and NTI University

Striving to combine the best of both institutes, Wittenborg Business School and NTI University will start working together on an international scale as from the 1st of September 2011, using both institutes’ expertise and the facilities of Wittenborg Business School.

NTI UniversityThe partnership focuses on offering competitive young professionals the possibility to develop their career successfully and become top-notch experts in their field of business. Furthermore, international students will be offered the opportunity to become skilled knowledge migrants.

Wittenborg Business SchoolBesides starters, competitive professionals who strive to further develop their career successfully will be met in their needs as well. Professionals will be enabled to increase their excellence and become top-notch managers.

Action Learning MBA - The first joint programme, starting in September 2011, is the English variant of the Dutch Master of Business Administration programme of NTI University. http://www.wittenborg.eu/master-business-administration-mba.htm

NTI University has been offering leading distance education in the Netherlands for the past 65 years. NTI offers more than 550 programmes, encompassing a wide variety of programmes in many different forms: from short courses to full bachelor and master programmes.

Founded in 1987, Wittenborg Business School is probably the most international, private, not-for-profit business school in the Netherlands. Located in the city of Apeldoorn since the summer of 2010, the school offers educational programmes on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.