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Study Agreement Update from 2020-2021

(Last edited: Wednesday, 23 September 2020, 8:52 AM)

From the academic year 2020-2021, Registrar's Office provides students with the most up-to-date study credit overview and the newest Study Agreement (Study Advice) for students to sign. 
A study agreement is a formal requirement towards the fulfilment of the tutoring process for all students.
Contact the registrar@wittenborg.eu.


Contact: Whom do I need to contact before I start my studies at Wittenborg University?

(Last edited: Wednesday, 23 September 2020, 8:51 AM)

As a new student the first person you should get in touch with is your process tutor. Your process tutor is your contact person and advisor during your studies. At the introduction week you will be informed about your process tutor.

A study agreement is a formal requirement towards the fulfilment of the tutoring process for all students.
Contact the registrar@wittenborg.eu.


Website: Whom I can contact to update my Background and Expertise information on Wittenborg Website?

(Last edited: Tuesday, 22 September 2020, 2:45 PM)

You should send all updates and any change requests to WebsitePagesandUpdates@wittenborg.eu.

Additionally, any changes to the CV can be sent to lasantha.desilva@wittenborg.eu.  


Internship/Work Placement Waiver: Will my prior work experience be counted as an internship?

(Last edited: Tuesday, 22 September 2020, 10:40 AM)

There are no exceptions offered by Wittenborg for the work placement. All regular students must fulfill the conditions of this module. All regular students will have to go through the assessment of this module (Weekly and Monthly Journals, Work Evaluation Report and Work Evaluation Report Oral Defence).

The Graduation and Examination Board recognises that students can ask at entry of the programme to be deemed as having done the work placement module. This will only be considered if the following has been fulfilled:

1. The student has done a prior WP which had at least the same duration of a normal Wittenborg WP and was done not more than two years prior to the date of admission to the IBA programme.

2. This prior WP has not been credited before, by another education institute.

3. The student is able to provide the WP Coordinator with:

  • a. A proper and detailed job description
  • b. A recommendation letter from the company

4. The WP Coordinator will contact the company with regards to the recommendation letter.

5. If all conditions have been met, the WP Coordinator will formally recommend to the Graduation and Examination Board of the student’s request of compensating the WP duration period.  

6. If approved, the student will need to write the Work Evaluation Report (WER) and defend it.

7. The final approval is given by the Graduation and Examination Board.

To start this process, you need to fill in this FORM. the link for the form is: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=yh8AaY_RGU2WLpSbUdTbiWxJ6X7XPuBJrlEkDjQgDONUNkgxVzBUVUdNSDk0SDNPQUVGMzlQT1hGQyQlQCN0PWcu


Open Day: Can I attend a Wittenborg Open Day or visit the campus?

(Last edited: Friday, 18 September 2020, 2:09 PM)

Currently, all on-campus events including open days and campus tours have been cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions. However, we are very pleased to inform you that Wittenborg hosts regular Virtual Open Days with Admissions Officers & current students. Our Virtual Open Day dates can be found here: https://www.wittenborg.eu/wittenborg-open-day-online.htm


Turnitin: How to access the Turnitin Guide

(Last edited: Friday, 18 September 2020, 1:59 PM)

All students are required to submit their written reports/assignments/exams through the Turnitin plagiarism software. This is considered part of the formal submission requirements.

Turnitin is used by Wittenborg University of Applied Science to detect cases of plagiarism. The software compares the writing used within any document to other sources, for instance, websites on the Internet, journal articles, books, and other student work from other universities. Further details of the Turnitin submission process are provided during Wittenborg Introduction Week.

In the attached document you will see the detailed guide.


Academic Supervisor: When/How can I request for an Academic Supervisor?

(Last edited: Friday, 18 September 2020, 12:06 PM)

One of the fundamental purposes of the Graduation Assignment is to ensure students carry out original applied research in a field that is related to their specialisation. This is done with the guidance of an academic supervisor, who is appointed in the final phase of a bachelor's degree programme, or from the first semester of the master's degree programme. Academic supervisors are always members of the academic staff at WUAS, appointed by the Graduation and Examination Board (GEB).

Academic supervisors will be allocated according to various criteria including their familiarity with the proposed topic, their knowledge of the relevant methodologies, their experience in conducting and supervising applied research projects and their workloads.

You can request for an Academic Supervisor when you meet the following pre-requisites:

  •         For bachelor’s students: you have obtained 140 ECs (credits);
  •         For master’s students: you have received approval on your Research Topic in Semester 1;

To request an Academic Supervisor, please complete the Online Academic Supervisor Request Form via the links below. You will receive a confirmation email approximately between 3-7 working days after submitting the form completely. Once an Academic Supervisor is assigned to you, please make contact with your Academic Supervisor by making an appointment using the Microsoft Office Calendar.

Apeldoorn Bachelor’s Students: Academic Supervisor Request Form

Apeldoorn Master’s Students: Academic Supervisor Request Form

Amsterdam Academic Supervisor Request Form


Academic Calendar: How can I find the academic year calendar?

(Last edited: Friday, 18 September 2020, 11:51 AM)

You can access the academic year calendar by clicking on the link https://www.wittenborg.eu/downloads.htm. You will find it under the section ‘WUAS Year Planning’

You can also access it via your dashboard at Wittenborg-online under the section 'Student Resources - General Information for all Students'.




Contact Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences - How can I contact the University of Applied Sciences for questions during the COVID-19 pandemic?

(Last edited: Friday, 18 September 2020, 9:38 AM)

We understand you may have questions and concerns about the current situation. Wittenborg's mainline telephone number +31 088 667 2688 remains available at all times during working hours (CET). Email support_covid19@wittenborg.eu for all urgent questions about health and the effect of coronavirus. Email helpdesk@wittenborg.eu for all IT and online login assistance.



Tuition Fee: Do I have to pay full tuition fee to Wittenborg until block 8 if I am following single degree Brighton or Double degree Brighton?

(Last edited: Wednesday, 16 September 2020, 7:51 PM)

If you are a double degree student and has just started the double degree programme, you will need at least a full year to graduate. This is because the modules from Brighton are spread across the year, and Brighton does not work with the block system, so you cannot graduate earlier. Even if your classes end in June and you have handed in your thesis, you will still be registered as a student. You will officially graduate only when all the results are published, which will be in July/August. Therefore you will be invoiced until block 8.

If you are following a single degree Brighton programme, you still need to pay the full tuition fee to us until block 8. This is because in order to follow the Brighton program you have to be fully registered at Wittenborg officially and legally as a student. The modules are also co-taught by Wittenborg and Brighton. The annual tuition fee for both single degree and double degree is the same so whichever degree you are following, you will pay the same fee.


Retake Type 2 Exam: What is the retake procedure for Type 2 exams?

(Last edited: Tuesday, 15 September 2020, 2:14 PM)

You will receive feedback and comments on your assignment from the module teacher in Turnitin, approximately two weeks after the deadline of the assignment. You can improve your assignment based on the feedback and upload the improved assignment in the relevant submission area during the next available retake period.


Special Seat: What is a special seat and how does it work?

(Last edited: Monday, 14 September 2020, 11:04 PM)

On condition that a student has a mitigating circumstance and/or a minimum of 210ECs (Bachelors) and 50ECs (Masters), a request can be made via the Special Seat Request Form if the remaining module is not within the block(s) prior to Graduation.  A Maximum of 2 modules can be requested. A student is permitted to do a special seat only once. Otherwise reverts to the normal planning of the module.

Special Seat requests are made not later than Lesson Week 1 of the block before the planned special seat i.e. For a special seat of Block 2: the request has to be made in Lesson Week 1 of Block 1.


Exam Results: What can I do if I think that my result is incorrect?

(Last edited: Monday, 14 September 2020, 11:00 PM)

You can contact your lecturer if you think that the result is incorrect.


Exam Results: When can I view my exam results?

(Last edited: Monday, 14 September 2020, 10:59 PM)

The results would be published in the Osiris ten working days after the date of the exam. If it is not available, students can send an email query to examresults@wittenborg.eu


Exam Registration: How do I register for the exams?

(Last edited: Monday, 14 September 2020, 10:55 PM)

You are automatically registered for exams once you have enrolled for the modules.


Exam Timetable: How can I access the examination timetable?

(Last edited: Monday, 14 September 2020, 10:45 PM)

You need to login in the timetable, select your programme, then save timetable. Now, you can find your examination dates.

https://timetable.wittenborg.eu is the webpage that has all scheduled classes & exams for all programmes. You need to access it to find information on the scheduled class & exam location, date and time and lecturer details.


Registration: I am unable to meet the study credit requirement to continue my registration at WUAS, what do I do?

(Last edited: Friday, 11 September 2020, 8:56 AM)

The Wittenborg EEG rules and regulations state that, in order to continue a successful registration, a student must obtain at least 30 European study credits (ECs) within 12 months. 

Only where there are mitigating circumstances preventing the student from successful studying and, therefore, leaving the student unable to gain sufficient credits to continue their studies, can exemption to the credit requirement be requested. The request must be submitted by filling in this webform. Please be aware that an exemption to the credit requirement can only be requested once within the duration of the degree programme

The Student Registrar will evaluate the request based on the explanation and documentation provided and will inform the student and the Process Tutor of the final decision within 2 weeks after the request has been submitted. The request will only be taken into consideration if the request has been submitted at least 1 block before the 12 months have passed.    

If a student does not meet the credit requirement by the end of the 12 months and did not have any mitigating circumstances preventing the student from obtaining the credits, the deregistration process will be set into motion within 4 weeks after the 12 months have passed. For EU students, the deregistration will be communicated to the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO). For non-EU/EER students, WUAS will inform the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) of deregistration, leading to a revocation of the study residence permit. 


Apeldoorn Campus: How can I find the Wittenborg location in Apeldoorn?

(Last edited: Thursday, 10 September 2020, 11:38 PM)

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences has its main campus in Apeldoorn, which consists of two separate buildings within walking distance from one another. Both locations share a central telephone number +31 (0)88 6672 688. Both Wittenborg campuses are conveniently accessible by public transport and are just 3-4 minutes walking distance from the Apeldoorn train and bus station.

  • Aventus building: Laan van de Mensenrechten 500, 7331 VZ Apeldoorn.
  • Spoorstraat building: Spoorstraat 23, 7311 PE Apeldoorn.

The Aventus building

The Aventus building is just across the road on the south side of the railway station and is accessible via the pedestrian and bicycle subway. Wittenborg is located on the 3rd floor of the Aventus building. Upon entering the main entrance of the Aventus building, turn right where there is a café/brasserie. Walk past it and access the door on your left towards the stairs and walk up the stairs to the 3rd floor.

Note: The elevator is only accessible with a student card.

The Spoorstraat building

The Spoorstraat building is located on the north side of the railway station and is about 3 minutes' walking distance. It can be recognised by the Wittenborg flags and the Wittenborg logo at the top of the building.

You can find some practical information guide from the link below.



COVID-19 Test: How can I get tested for coronavirus?

(Last edited: Thursday, 10 September 2020, 11:14 AM)

If you have symptoms such as a cold, cough, fever or sudden loss of smell or taste, you can get tested to see if you are infected with coronavirus. This will help us control the spread of the virus and protect one another.

 Register for a coronavirus test

 If you have (mild) symptoms of COVID-19, make an appointment to get tested. Call the toll-free number 0800 1202 (or +31 850 659 063 if you're calling from a foreign phone) or make an appointment online using your DigiD (choose 'English' at the bottom of the page). Be sure to have your citizen service number (BSN) at hand.

 You can only make an appointment if you have one or more symptoms of COVID-19, such as: cold-like symptoms, a stuffy nose, a runny nose, sneezing, a sore throat, a cough, fever, or sudden loss of smell or taste.  If you have severe symptoms or belong to an at-risk group, contact a doctor or A&E department. In a life-threatening situation, always call 112.

 Testing at a GGD test location

 GGD test location in Apeldoorn: Vlijtseweg 106, Apeldoorn

GGD test locations in Amsterdam: https://www.ggd.amsterdam.nl/coronavirus/testen-corona/testlocaties-amsterdam/

 When you call 0800-1202 (or +31 850 659 063 if you're calling from abroad) you’ll be connected to an assistant. This is not a doctor. The assistant will find the first available appointment for you. Some test locations can only be accessed by car.  Once your test appointment is confirmed over the phone, you will receive a confirmation SMS together with the time and address.

 Stay at home until it is time to go to the test location. Bring proof of identity and confirmation of your appointment with you. Your details will be checked when you arrive.  A GGD staff member will use a cotton swab to collect mucus from your throat and nose. The swab will go deep into your nose and throat. It will not hurt, but will probably feel uncomfortable. Go home immediately after the test and stay home until you get the results. 

 Coronavirus test results

 If you made an appointment by telephone, you will receive your result by telephone as soon as possible. If you made an appointment online, you will receive a telephone call only if you test positive. The municipal health service (GGD) will call you. You do not need to call them.

 If your test comes back negative, you can confirm your result by logging in to the coronavirus test website using your DigiD (choose 'English' at the bottom of the page). You will be notified  by email when your result is available on the website, normally within 2 days.  If the test is negative, you are not infected with coronavirus. But you must still continue to observe the general measures. 

If the test shows that you do have COVID-19, someone from the GGD will call you for contact tracing.

 Contact tracing

 Contact tracing means working out where you may have contracted the infection (the source). The GGD also looks at whom you have been in contact with (PDF, 210 KB), and whom you may have infected (your contacts). The purpose of contact tracing is to prevent the virus from spreading further. You and your contacts will be given specific instructions on what to do. You and any other members of your household must in any case stay at home for 10 days. The GGD will explain what this means. It is important that you inform your GP, employer and/or in-house medical officer of the results of the test.

 Coronavirus test at Schiphol Airport

 If you are travelling to the Netherlands from a COVID-19 risk area you can get tested for coronavirus at Schiphol Airport. The municipal health service (GGD) does not test all travellers from COVID-19 risk areas.

 If you are unsure or need any support, please contact the Front Desk at 088 667 2688 or e-mail  support_covid19@wittenborg.eu.


Doctor's Appointment: Can I still request a doctor's appointment during the ongoing corona virus crisis?

(Last edited: Wednesday, 9 September 2020, 9:45 AM)

All students seeking a doctor's appointment during the ongoing COVID-19 situation need to first send an email to frontdesk@wittenborg.eu. Please remember to mention the following details in your email:

  • Your full name and student number
  • Your local telephone number
  • The symptoms you have been experiencing
  • If you have been taking any medication
  • What type of medication
  • How long you have been taking the medication
  • If you have experienced any improvement or change in your health
The Front Desk will call the doctor on your behalf after which you will soon receive a phone call from the doctor's clinic who will provide you with further instructions.

Note: If you have symptoms like cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough, fever, sudden loss of smell or taste, you must contact GGD by making an appointment on https://www.ggdnog.nl/corona/alles-over-corona/coronatest-wanneer-hoe-en-waar



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