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Health Insurance: Can I make reimbursement claims for dental expenses?

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Under ICS Complete and ICS Start+ insurance, the maximum insured amount for dental costs to relieve acute dental pain is EUR 350 per insurance year and the maximum insured amount for dental costs due to an accident is EUR 1,100 per insurance year.


Health Insurance: I have received a letter from CAK. What should I do now?

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If you have received a letter from the CAK that say that you are ‘not insured’, it means that you do not have health insurance with a Dutch health insurer. Dutch basic/public health insurance is compulsory for people who work in the Netherlands. This health insurance is different from the International Health Insurance that international students have. (Note: The CAK (Centraal Administratiekantoor) is a government organisation that administers Dutch health insurance).

If you have a part-time job or if you are doing an internship for which you are paid at least as much as the Dutch minimum wage (click here for more information on the minimum wage), you are required to take out a Dutch basic/public health insurance. Even if you have not received a letter from CAK, you are strongly advised to take out the health insurance or risk getting a fine of €402.24. If you do receive the letter from CAK, please take action within the 3 months or any given period indicated in the letter. 

However, if you work on a self-employed basis or if you have received the letter from CAK incorrectly (because you don't have a part-time job or paid internship), or if you are in doubt whether you really need to arrange for a Dutch basic/public health insurance for yourself, you can contact SVB and start the Wlz assessment (also called the SVB investigation). You can do so by following the instructions below: Keep in mind that it might take 6-8 weeks before you receive the outcome of the Wlz assessment. Therefore, take action immediately after receiving the letter from the CAK.

1) Contact the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) to request (free of charge) an investigation of your insurance position under the Wlz scheme. For this request, you can either do (A) or (B):

(A) Send by post: Fill up the attached Assessment of Wlz Insurance Position form (pdf) and send it together with all necessary documentary evidence to: SVB, Postbus 18607, 3501 CR Utrecht.


(B) Do it online. Click on this link Requesting an assessment of your Wlz insurance position online, and login using your DigiD. You can then submit your application quickly and easily.

2) Make a copy of the completed and signed 'Assessment of Wlz insurance position' form and send it immediately to the CAK as this proves that you have taken the necessary action. 

3) If the SVB decision is that you are not to be insured (that means you don’t have to take the Dutch Health Insurance), send a copy of the decision from SVB to the CAK. Use this Contact Form and choose the option ‘regeling onverzekerden’. CAK will then close your file and you can continue with your international health insurance (AON ICS).

4) If the outcome of the Wlz assessment states that you are to be insured with a Dutch public health insurance, do so immediately within the time frame given by the CAK. 

Additional Notes: 

a)  You can find more information on how to take out the Dutch public health insurance from here: https://www.studyinholland.nl/plan-your-stay/insurance

b)   After you've taken the Dutch basic/public health insurance, inform Wittenborg’s Registrar Department about your new  insurance by completing this webform, so that they can cancel your current AON insurance and reimburse you with any unused amount, if available. More details about this can be found from this FAQ: https://www.wittenborg-online.com/mod/glossary/showentry.php?eid=539.

c) If you have a low income, you can apply for Dutch healthcare allowance (or benefits) called zorgtoeslag. Click on the links below to find out more about this benefit;

Healthcare Allowance

Dutch Healthcare Benefit


Heating System: Is there a heating system available in my house?

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Yes. Each Wittenborg Student Housing comes with a heating system installed. The temperature is set to 21 degrees celsius and this temperature must always be maintained. Please avoid unnecessary use of energy and gas as it may cause additional expenses for the university


Help us in creating a more sustainable environment by avoiding unnecessary usage of energy and gas.


High School Diploma: Due to COVID-19, I might not receive my high school diploma. Does this have an impact on my application?

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No, in most cases. Wittenborg understands that this is an exceptional situation we are currently in. We are aware that schools worldwide have postponed or cancelled high school final exams. Should you be unable to obtain your high school diploma, or you will receive a different statement of completion of your studies, please inform our Admissions Department at admission@wittenborg.eu to see how they can assist you further.


HOSCO and WittenborgConnect: What is HOSCO and WittenborgConnect?

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These two make up Wittenborg's career platforms. HOSCO is specifically for the hospitality industry, while WittenborgConnect covers all business fields in general. Students searching for work placement or internship opportunities can register on these platforms. They can then search for suitable companies of their choice and send their CV's and cover letters directly to the companies. Please refer to the Work Placement Handbook for more details.