Oral Defence for Graduation Assignment: How can I hold my graduation defence presentation online?

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The Graduation Assignment (GA) Oral Defence will be conducted approximately 2 weeks after you submitted your GA assignment via Turnitin. These two weeks are for your Academic Supervisor and an External Marker to mark your assignment. If you receive an initial pass by both your Academic Supervisor and External Marker, you will receive an email regarding your Oral Defence. In the email, you can find details about the Oral Defence such as:
1) the day, date and time of your Oral Defence
2) the deadline to upload your presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi etc.) on the online submission area
3) when you should send a copy of your presentation to your Academic Supervisor
4) the link to the Oral Defence Meeting at MS Teams
5) any other relevant information/instruction
You are advised to try clicking on the link to ensure that you will be able to access the meeting and to see whether your microphone works. If you do not have MS Teams, you can download the app on your laptop or iPad or mobile phone. If you face any problems, please contact Front Desk as early as possible.

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