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Internship/Work Placement: Whom can I contact to discuss more about the HBA internship and job information?

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All information regarding Internship/Work Placement is in the EEG part 7. It clearly details all the necessary steps involved from before the internship starts until the completion of the internship. All requirements must be fulfilled before you can start the internship. If after reading the EEG you still have any doubts, you can contact your Process Tutor or the External Relations & WP team at 


Internships in Holidays: Can I apply for internship during the summer holidays?

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Yes, you can apply for internship or work during summer holidays. However, please notice that the administrative process might be slower than usual during the holiday period.


Internships: Can I register for internships even after completing my studies?

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Internships are only possible and allowed while you are still registered at the university. You can do your internship only during your study and not after the completion of your studies.



Internships: Do I need to inform the university before applying for an internship?

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Your internship will officially and legally begin only if you have completed the application procedure which should be agreed and signed by the university.


As a first step, begin by contacting your process tutor to discuss about the internship opportunities that you may come across.


Intranet: How can I start using the university Intranet?

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You can login with your username and password provided by the Administration Office. You will then be asked to edit your profile, which happens only one time. After you have logged in for the first time, the Webmaster will add your account under 'Students'. Students will be placed in their relevant classes.

in Office 365 System

With your student number and password login combination, you can login to the 365 Office Exchange Email and Exchange System.

Assignments online

Intranet is used more and more by Wittenborg to allow students to upload their assignments. The intranet enables students and their teachers to keep an accurate record of progress and to communicate with each other about students’ studies.


Introduction Days: Why should I attend the Introduction Days?

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Wittenborg offers students an introduction day to make sure students have all the information and documents they need to start their education at the university.

Introduction Week consists of three parts.

Wednesday: For International Students

International students will receive all information and documentation regarding registration in the Netherlands. The Wittenborg Front Desk will also provide information about living in the city, and all legal registration information. On this day, there is an ICT session for all new students to learn how to use Online area and know about their specialisation and modules. This is a very important session and students should not miss it.

Thursday: General Introduction Day

The general introduction is mandatory for all students of Wittenborg. Front Desk will collect the names of all students for attendance. They will also explain what can be expected on the day. On the introduction day there will also be a lunch arranged with pictures.

MBA students will also have the opportunity for book pick up. 

Introduction day will end around 14:00.

Friday morningFor IBA Students

IBA students will have two sessions: academic English and Harvard referencing. The English writing diagnostic test will also take place on Friday of the introduction week. IBA students will also have the opportunity for book pick up. 


If students have missed parts of the introduction day, catch-up may be done in Project Week.


Introduction Week: How will the Introduction Week be organised?

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If you are starting your studies in Block 7 of the academic year 2019/2020, the introduction days will be held online as webinar sessions. 

All students who have planned a Block 7 arrival must contact the Registrar ( to make all arrangements well in advance.