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Thursday, 18 April 2024, 4:19 PM
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Glossary: FAQ Studying @ Wittenborg

Tuition Fees: Do I need to pay the tuition fees during an internship?

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It is important to note that internships are part of the education programme. Therefore, yes, as long as you are registered at the university, all financial requirements need to be fulfilled.


Turnitin Assignment Submissions: What are my responsibilities as a student while submitting a file to Turnitin?

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It is your responsibility to ensure that the electronic submission of your work is successful and completed on time.


  1. Different assessments may have different compulsory requirements that will activate the upload link. These requirements are visible to students in the course area. Failure to fulfil these criteria will not permit you to submit your work
  2. We strongly recommend that the final submission to be done at least 30 minutes before the deadline. Leaving the submission for the last minutes could result in failure to submit your work. If you’re not sure what the deadline date and time is click on the submission link where the details will be displayed
  3. In case of technical issues, please contact Helpdesk only.
  4. Make sure you are submitting the correct file type. We recommend to upload word files to Turn-it-in.
  5. Once you have submitted your assignment, make sure the submission was successful. You will receive an email confirmation if the submission to Turn-it-in was successful (in your university email address). You can also click on the submission link to ensure if the file listed/visible is the correct file.


Not knowing what is expected of you is not an excuse for a late submission, make sure you understand what to do, well before the deadline and read the Assignment Submission Help provided.



Turnitin Feedback/Comments: How to check comments and feedback in Turinitin?

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You can find the comments by clicking on the submitted file. please note that the comments can be find inside the submitted file body.

The feedback icon can be find on the right hand side, once you open the submitted file. 

Source: Turnitin Guide


Turnitin Report: I cannot see my originality report even after 24 hours. What should I do?

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Please contact Helpdesk and your (teacher) for further resolution to the problem.


Turnitin Sign In: How do I sign in into Turnitin?

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You can make all Turnitin submissions on the module area in wittenborg-online and you do not need to sign in separately. It is your teacher's responsibility to place the Turnitin submission area inside the module. Always ask the teacher/lecturer in case of doubt or inability to find the upload area.


Turnitin Submission Deadlines GAs: How can we know the exact dates for our GAs submission?

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The submission deadlines are set a year in advance and can always be seen in the online area. Please note that these dates cannot be changed/extended.

Below is an example for Block 6:

We have the same information in the EEG and you can find it in Part 8 of the EEG

Source: Part 8 of the EEG


Turnitin Submissions: Why can't I upload my assignment on Turnitin while there is still sufficient time for the deadline?

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There could be errors in the upload area. Should you face this difficulty, contact your module teacher as soon as possible, as well as Helpdesk.


Turnitin Upload: Why does the upload status show "processing" even after I have submitted my work?

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If you are getting a status report "processing", it means your work has yet to be checked by Turnitin. Therefore, the work has been submitted but not yet checked. During the first 3 submissions, it takes anywhere between a few seconds to a few hours to see your report. It will take 24 to 48 hours for the 4th submission onward to reflect the report.


You can write to or put a request to Helpdesk to share any further concerns.


Turnitin: How to access the Turnitin Guide

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All students are required to submit their written reports/assignments/exams through the Turnitin plagiarism software. This is considered part of the formal submission requirements.

Turnitin is used by Wittenborg University of Applied Science to detect cases of plagiarism. The software compares the writing used within any document to other sources, for instance, websites on the Internet, journal articles, books, and other student work from other universities. Further details of the Turnitin submission process are provided during Wittenborg Introduction Week.

In the attached document you will see the detailed guide.


Unenrolment: I am unenrolled from my course automatically and I cannot see the course on my Dashboard neither I can access the course Team

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Students get unenrolled automatically, if they are inactive in the course area for 21 consecutive days.

Students can always re-enrol themselves using the enrolment keys from the process tutor area, if it is required.


Vaccination: Can I be vaccinated in the Netherlands with my MVV visa/ Residence Permit?

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Yes, for more information check the Dutch Vaccination Program:


Vaccination: Getting proof of vaccination after being vaccinated outside the Netherlands

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If you have been vaccinated out of the Netherlands or EU and need proof of vaccination (QR code), you can refer to the page below for the instruction on how to get this proof in the Netherlands.


Virtual Events: I am interested participating in the virtual events. What steps should I follow?

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You may join the event that you are interested in by following the steps below.

Monday DanceFit with Wilma Albertus: LINK Update your Facebook info and show that you are one of Wittenborg's current students or staff for speedy approval. 

#WorkoutWednesday with Sepanta Zamani: LINK  

#FridayLunch chit-chat with students, teachers and other Wittenborg staff: LINK


Please send an email to for the ID and password to join an event.


The video platform Zoom is being used for this non-educational, online-socialising event. Zoom collects user details and shares them with third parties. Wittenborg cannot be held liable in any way for Zoom’s data collection. For more information, please read:



Visa Collection: How can I pick up my visa?

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Please contact the local embassy/consulate directly for an appointment via their website or by e-mail, and at the same time inform Wittenborg of the progress. This appointment can be a document collection procedure, therefore, students need to prepare all original and copies of required documents in advance (including all the documents which are also sent to Wittenborg).

Our Admissions Team will inform students by email which embassy/consulate they need to attend and will send the MVV Issue form beforehand.

A complete list of Dutch embassies and consulates around the world can be found on the Dutch Foreign Ministry website:

Students should bring the following documents to the embassy:

  • TEV approval letter in Dutch (translation not necessary). 
  • Copies of all the documents (to be left with the embassy) that you sent to us along with your original documents.


VitalSource: How to access required reading materials from Pearson via Vital Source.

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The access to all the Pearson books are integrated through the Online Library & Resources and relevant course areas on Wittenborg-Online.

In order to get the best reading and studying experience, staff/students need to register the first time they access the database. The registration page will only show on the first time registration. Once a user is registered, the system will link the user bookshelf account with their Learning Management System (LMS) account and will never ask again for login.

You can find the HowTo guide enclosed herewith. 


Weather in the Netherlands: What sort of weather can I expect in the Netherlands?

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The type of weather depends on the wind direction: east winds in summer can be hot, around 30 degrees Celsius or more, and cold in winter around minus 10 Celsius or less. West winds in general are mild but can produce rain. The Netherlands is quite green. All four seasons have their own character.     


Website: Whom I can contact to update my Background and Expertise information on Wittenborg Website?

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You should send all updates and any change requests to

Additionally, any changes to the CV can be sent to  


What is Basisregistratie Personen (BRP)?

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If you have moved to the Netherlands and intend to live here for more than 4 months, you must register yourself in the Basisregistratie Personen – BRP (Personal Records Database). You can do this by visiting the City Hall of your municipality. 

Similarly, if you move to another municipality in the Netherlands, you must notify the new municipality of your change of address.

Once you register in the BRP, you will receive your BSN.

Failing to do these might result in withdrawal of study visa by the Dutch Immigration Office (IND). In such a case you will be required to leave the country and apply for a new MVV (entry visa) from your home country to continue with your studies. Eventually, it will cost you time and money.

Important note: You must inform Registry Office ( whenever you change your address within the Netherlands. The same applies when you are planning to deregister from the City Hall and leave the country for a temporary period of time or permanently.


What is MEEs?

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Starting from the academic year 2022-2023, all new students starting their programmes at Wittenborg will not only follow normal assessments that lead to European Credits, but will also be required to complete a Multidisciplinary (phase) Exit Exams (MEEs) at the end of each learning phase. This means that for bachelor’s students, there will be an MEE at the end of phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3. For Master’s students, the MEE is at the end of semester 2. The MEEs are compulsory and must be completed in order to graduate.

Why MEE?

The rationale of having the MEE is to monitor and evaluate the progress of WUAS students from a more comprehensive and in-depth perspective. This new assessment will enable students to better evaluate their educational progress as well as the development of competencies required to become business administrators and managers. A good performance will make graduates stand out in the eyes of employers. It is an assessment that students must pass to complete a course and be promoted to the next phase. It is a way to maintain graduation standards, assurance of learning and quality of retained knowledge and skills. This exam is important as it can ensure that WUAS students meet educational standards. In return, it can also influence educational policy at WUAS


What is Summer School? Who can participate in Summer School?

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Please follow this link to get more information about summer school at Wittenborg.

Summer Schools at Wittenborg