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Open Days- Can I still attend open day events at the university?

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Currently, all on-campus events including open days and campus tours have been cancelled. However, we are very pleased to inform you that Wittenborg will host its very first Virtual Open Day on 29th of April. 


Visa Collection: How can I pick up my visa?

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Please contact the local embassy/consulate directly for an appointment via their website or by e-mail, and at the same time inform Wittenborg of the progress. This appointment can be a document collection procedure, therefore, students need to prepare all original and copies of required documents in advance (including all the documents which are also sent to Wittenborg).

Our Admissions Team will inform students by email which embassy/consulate they need to attend and will send the MVV Issue form beforehand.

A complete list of Dutch embassies and consulates around the world can be found on the Dutch Foreign Ministry website:

Students should bring the following documents to the embassy:

  • TEV approval letter in Dutch (translation not necessary). 
  • Copies of all the documents (to be left with the embassy) that you sent to us along with your original documents.


Insurance: Will I be fined for not having a health insurance while staying in the Netherlands?

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Yes, non-compliance with this Dutch law means students may be fined by the Centraal Administratiekantoor (CAK). Depending on the period of being uninsured, fines can run into several hundreds of euro.  


If students receive a letter from CAK which states that they need Dutch health insurance because of their income, they must act on it, even if the statement is incorrect. If students need help with these issues, or can assist in this matter. 


Flight Cancelled: My flight to the Netherlands is cancelled/postponed due to COVID-19. What do I need to do?

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In such a situation, please call the Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences telephone number +31886672688 (weekends: +31613723608) to inform Wittenborg's staff members so that they can take the necessary action. After your call please also send a short e-mail to this address:, mentioning your student number and explaining your situation.  

Please follow the same procedure if you face any difficulties that prevent you from travelling to the airport of your departure point that is caused by airport authorities or airline company staff. 


Health Insurance: Can I make reimbursement claims for dental expenses?

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Under ICS Complete and ICS Start+ insurance, the maximum insured amount for dental costs to relieve acute dental pain is EUR 350 per insurance year and the maximum insured amount for dental costs due to an accident is EUR 1,100 per insurance year.


Insurance Coverage: What medical costs does my health insurance cover?

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Examples of insurances students might need during their stay in the Netherlands besides medical insurance:  

  • Emergency costs and repatriation (e.g. in the event of unexpectedly having to return to your home country)
  • Private liability (e.g. a bike accident damaging a car in the process)
  • Home contents and personal property, including baggage (e.g. theft from your room, loss of suitcase during a trip)
  • Accidents (e.g. disability through an accident)
  • Legal aid (e.g. conflict with a landlord)  

If students are not or no longer eligible for Dutch Basic Healthcare Insurance and still a student, a complete insurance package is available via


Office Hours in Corona Crises: Are Admissions Officers at Wittenborg still working despite its closure of two of its campuses?

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Yes. Wittenborg's Amsterdam location, and the Spoorstraat location in Apeldoorn are closed. However, the main Wittenborg Aventus campus in Apeldoorn is still open from 07:30-16:00 daily. Wittenborg's Admissions Team is continuously processing applications as they normally do. If you would like to submit your application, you have a question, or you would like to have a chat via phone, our Admissions Team will be happy to assist you.   


Residence Permit: Do I need a new residence permit after graduating from Wittenborg?

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If students wish to stay in the Netherlands after graduating, they must apply for a new residence permit. They cannot stay on their study permit.  

Information about the conditions of a search year and applying for a new residence permit are on the website of the IND: After being hired by a Dutch company, the company will apply for a work permit for the student.  


Turnitin Report: I cannot see my originality report even after 24 hours. What should I do?

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Please contact and your (teacher) for further resolution to the problem.


Exam Results: Where can I view my exam marks or results?

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The exam results can be found in Students can click on the 'Study Progress Review' by clicking on the 'Progress' tab.


Note: If results are missing on MyResults, please send an email to